Keto Diet for Women – A Bad Choice?

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  1. idk what to think of all those special diets and artificial rules… I just eat the stuff I like and think are healthy, that includes rice, oatmeal and different beans as my main energy source and vegetables and greens to fill my stomach… sometimes i just like to eat raw tomatos with white cheese and snack some white beans as i watch those videos.

  2. Maybe she is doing omad or even 2 meals with Intermittent fasting…just because she had a meal with 800 cals doesnt mean she is eating 3000 cals..2 meals is only 1600 if she is eating another meal with same cals..imo a 210 lb women is in cal deficit at 1600 cals a day

  3. I don't know man. I know a shit load of people dropping crazy weight on keto. Carbs are inflammatory and have a multiplicative effect on weight gain. You can only eat so much fat and protein in a day

  4. I personally debunk the theory that you can eat in a caloric surplus with keto and lose fat this is BS. I have done Keto the real way and I did not lose magic weight like the keto zealous claim, you cannot eat in a surplus and lose weight with Keto straight lies. This needs to stop IMO Calories in Vs Calories out no matter what diet you choose. You need to be in a caloric deficit. All these keto Doctors and keto mafia are trying to sell something and take advantage of desperate people who have no idea about dieting and the fall for this propaganda. I ate in a deficit with a standard diet and lost weight. I also dieted with fast food only was in a caloric deficit and and lost weight. carbs are not the enemy eating in a caloric surplus is with the wrong food choices causes weight gain..

  5. Thumbs down.. all true but kinda misleading: you mentioned nothing about intermittent fasting which goes hand in hand with keto.. the reason for the large keto meal is that it may be the only meal of the day, depending on your fasting schedule.

  6. Keto works for me, especially for the energy but everyone is different. I think the problem comes from people thinking that you need to be eating at 80% fat, which ain't the case. They end up either overeating or with a pitifully low protein intake. You can burn fat from the plate or the body. Tracking your caloric intake is always a good idea at the start of any program.

  7. Steve. my Right arm is bit over 1 inch longer than the left and it has caused imbalance in my back, and might be the cause of my back pain during deadlifts and squats (the weight is not loaded even) have any solutions for this?

  8. My wife's boss owns an all female gym and tried to push this keto thing on everyone, including the trainers who work for her. No research, no consideration for body type, blood type, metabolism, diabetic issues, reproductive issues, etc. They have one licensed nutrition chick on their staff who doesn't consult with the members.
    There's no medium and long term science in this keto thing. What happens to your body of your remain in ketosis for 10 years? Nobody knows.
    This keto thing is only popular because people make money when the water weight magically goes away. It's an industry buzz term just like Adkins or TaeBo or Jazzercise. Eating what your body needs to increase or decrease and putting in the work are the only tried and true solutions.

  9. Thanks Steve for this Video. I did Keto for 10 months and here are my results. Had bloodwork done at the beginning and all values Normal. After 10 months of strict Keto I dropped a couple of pounds and was too tired for Weights. Bloodwork after 10 months of Keto was terrible. Fasting Blood Sugar was Elevated to Pre-Diabetic, Neutrophils (Immune System) Critically Low, and Cortisol Elevated. Returned to a Normal Macro Balanced Food Intake and All Blood Values returned to Normal. Haven't gained an ounce but back to building Muscle.

  10. The truth is for any diet, calories matter. Anyone who thinks they can eat unlimited fat or protein on a ketogenic diet hasn't done the homework. The key point behind a keto diet is that it keeps insulin low which helps control hunger. And you're right about the initial weight loss being water weight that comes from using up muscle glycogen stores, but some people need that as a quick win to be motivated. It is absolutely possible to gain weight on a low carb diet. I know because I've done it- I was training for last year's Boston Marathon and figured I didn't need to watch calories due to heavy mileage- oops! On low carb I've dropped my HbA1c from prediabetic range to normal even while maintaining relatively constant weight.

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