Keto Diet Results | Before and After Pictures | Weigh-in | Weight Loss Journey

Hi, I’m Tammi! I am a 44-year-old mother of 9 and I have been eating ketogenically for 112 weeks! Thank you for stopping by to check out my 112 week keto diet …



    I truly, truly wish that those individuals considering bypass surgery and other drastic procedures could see what you have accomplished. (Unless I missed that, please tell me I didn't???) I haven't been a sub for terribly long, but long enough to be blown away by YOU!!!!
    You are a beautiful person, inside and out!!! Keep looking UP!!!!

  2. Amazing weigh-in Tammy! I can hear the joy in your voice. Just so you know I totally appreciate all you’ve shared w/ this community b/c I personally have learned so much from you. Your knowledge & giving spirit is valued Girl.

  3. Tammi! So happy to see your latest! The slideshow at the end is so awesome! I remember you from “the other keto diet group that started it all”— I was in that group too. I’m sorta stuck in the 190s sometimes I get down to the mid 180s. I love how this way of eating has freed me from constantly obsessing over food! Now I obsess over painting-lol. Your before and after pictures are stunning. Your testimony is powerful! So happy to check in with you periodically! Peace….jane

  4. This made me cry. I am exactly where you started and am starting keto using the macros you provide today. Thank you so much for sharing your story and inspiring those who have had no hope and lived with deep depression for years. God bless you.

  5. Tamra Gully you are the only true Keto Guru ❤genuine, honest, committed, trustworthy, transparent, dedicated, focused, suportive, giving and on and on. The accomplishment you have achieved and continue to achieve and practice in you're daily life is the true example, reflection of the Keto life. And you are not pushing products and trying to convince people of what is good for them. You are living the real daily keto life. I apreciate you truly, hold you with high regard and have great respect for you ! 🤗 The motivation you give to us and carry us through to not give up is priceless.
    That slide show is the BEST 👏👏👏👏👏👏

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