1. sometimes i spot a little when i ovulate and my doc said it was just due to the hormonal cycle shift and its normal. but, thats just what i know for me, always ask your doctor. i can tell exactly when im ovulating and am pretty in tune now… and there is a definite hormone shift that happens!

  2. Hey Daniela, thank you for sharing this valuable information. I also have my cycle not be the same. Hopefully, you can get more help and solution by this and share it to. You have a wonderful Sunday 💜💜💜

  3. My cycle has been bipolar since starting Keto over a year and half ago. Heavy, spotting, light.. it is always different. Still get hangry too, lol.
    I have anxiety disorders, and learned the hard way myself not to look up anything no way!!

  4. Thank you for this!!!! I had pizza today and was feeling so bad but thanks for saying it's ok! I love your channel and how real you are!!!! And def do not Google! I did today and I'm dying soon ugh!!! Lol

  5. The extremely limited data regarding women and intermittent fasting shows that, for the majority, benefits end after a 16 hour fast and longer than that is detrimental. It’s different for every one but if your body is showing you that an 18-20hr fast isn’t working, I would def listen before your hormones get screwed up.

  6. Lol 😂 I’m the same way .. I’ve googled symptoms in the past and it messed with my head hard never again cus that shit gets scary real quick. Meal prepping some keto egg bites cus Starbucks gets expensive. Thanks for all your support girl and I’m here for you too girl! On Tuesday it will be week 1 of getting back in keto and we were craving some sweets so I whipped up some peanut butter keto donuts 🍩 instead of going off keto and eating garbage lol

  7. I literally laughed out loud when you said, “DON”T GOOGLE SHIT!” I thought I was the only one that used the term “Dr. Google” or “Dr YouTube” and yes, they WILL scare the crap out of you! Love how you’re keeping it real! I’ve been using the Zero app and have completed 3 fasts … 2 of those lasting 20+ hrs. I feel great, but I’m having trouble adjusting it to my work schedule which flip flops from 2 morning shifts on Fri and Sat to 2 night shifts on Sun and Mon. so my eating window changes! I’ll get it figured out! Seeing great results so I want to continue with the intermittent fasting.

  8. Thanks for sharing.. I also am dealing with an apron after losing 70 pounds naturally and with 2 c-sections but I'll deal with it knowing it's just a battle scar from me kicking Obesity In The Ass!

  9. Don’t Google shit! Loves it! Girl we all have to learn that one the hard way. Step away from the Goggle! Since intermittent fasting is working so well for you, are you using sugar substitutes in your coffee while fasting? I know this is supposed to break a fast, but I was wondering if you used them or not, since you’re having great results. Thanks love!

  10. You look great girl! 💜 my period has been wonky too but the past 2 months I’ve been using the Lena cup and my cramps and the flow has not been as bad. tampons were drying me out and I had to change them every hour it was so heavy (TMI) Sorry Lol I love your channel especially because you keep it real and don’t hide anything and that is awesome! Most ppl don’t want to put that out there for the youtuby to know! So thank you for that!💜

  11. My cycle has been normal as far as timing goes. I have heavier bleeding, a little worse PMS and sometimes the cramps are worse.
    I have noticed after losing almost 50 pounds that my arms are getting a lot of lose skin. I had very large arms. It's crazy how you expect yourself to look after losing weight and you see something totally different in the mirror. I still have a lot to lose and I am only wanting to be healthy. I may not look how I want to look but I will not pick myself apart. Our self esteem issues are bad enough as women. I won't let my success make me feel bad because I don't look perfect. Nobody is. I had a moment with this when I was trying on new clothes over the weekend. I almost let it bring me down. Then I realized, I am doing amazing. I will not let my arms cause me to feel bad. They may never be small but I will be healthy. I will never be that overweight person again. Thanks for all of your honesty. Love watching your videos.

  12. I would Love some help with my ket o plan, everything you talked about are i am also struggling with, but I am not comfortable giving my info with all is there an e mail or another more personal way I can have you help me???? Thank You c.ball

  13. Girl I’ve had the same irregularity issue as well after my fourth c section it was time to get my tubes tied, and ever since I am so irregular to the point where I skip 2 months even. It sucks, but I honestly do blame it on the tubal ligation. I also have to agree with IF is is very popular now! I myself do it but I am more of a OMAD type. However it does get hard for sure so if I get hungry throughout the day before my meantime, 5-6 pm, I will definitely snack but not until after 11 am. I drink 1 gallon of water EVERYDAY and I have been having success for sure since mid to late February I’ve lost 30 lbs but from my highest which was in December ‘18 I have lost 40 lbs. I too do not plan on stopping. I know it even sounds real cliche but I have noticed my mood has changed since I’ve lost the weight, I use to be real cranky and snap real easily, and it’s not like that anymore, THANK GOD!!! Lol

  14. I haven't had any problems with my cycle and I've been eating keto for 22 months. Try checking out Dr. Mindy Pelz's channel, and Dr. Boz they are both women who also believe in keto but look at how it might affect women differently especially Dr. Pelz. If it continues maybe seeing your personal OB/GYN would be a good idea. Keto is helpful to some women who have hormonal issues like PCOS so it can affect our hormones. It's most likely just an adjustment period, but it's worth it to be certain.

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