My Week 1 Ketogenic Diet Results!! Amazing progress! PS I am not a Doctor so do your own research, this is just something that is helping me and it is …



  1. I was on this diet for less than a month and lost 20 lbs. I did start to feel a little bit "off" a couple of days, and that could have been due to not getting enough electrolytes or salt. I went on vacation and I started eating carbs again and I feel like complete crap! I just started keto again but plan to take the vitamins I need to make sure I don't feel strange again. Other than that, I did start to feel a spike in energy and my anxiety was so much lower!

  2. All this sounds like an updated version of the Atkins Diet, which was an updated version of the Air Force Diet used during WWII to help pilots keep their weight down. I went on the Atkins Diet when I was a teenager and lost 55 lbs in three months. That's when I first learned about Ketosis. However, that's been moons ago and heart disease and high blood pressure become more relevant factors as one gets older. So are you going to eat eggs for breakfast EVERY DAY? If not, what alternatives are you having? Breakfast is my biggest problem.

  3. My story sounds the same I’m currently 23 and gained 30 lbs. I’m 168 and I used to be 138. I’m itching to find something that will help loose weight. I’ve been thinking about doing the keto diet but I don’t even know where to begin.

  4. I think the Keto diet is Amazing! I have lost over 75 lbs myself. A bit of caution! Losing is just one step. If your mindset is not right, you might just sabotage your success and gain the weight back. A suggestion. Try reading, writing and meditation on dieting and exercise. Remember that first hour of your morning is gold. Plant the positive seeds and your new amazing life will grow… Enjoy!

  5. I can see a lot are losing weight by eating keto, but what about portion sizes? My mom has started me on keto but she serves me huge portions that I just can't possibly see working! I have tried calories diet and I lost 28 lbs and she swears that it will ruin my metabolism and I should only do keto, but how can it work if I'm eating 3000 calories a day?

    How many calories has anyone been eating while on keto?

  6. You're talking as if you drink a lot of water, 2 liters is really not a lot. I'm doing keto restriciting myself to 20grams of carbs per day and I drink 1,5l of water with every meal totalling to up to 5 liters including the small drinks I have in between meals.

  7. Hi I don’t know if you’ll see my comment but I figured I would just ask anyway I started the keto diet along with intermittent fasting 7 days ago and I’ve only lost 1 pound so I’m wondering if I am not eating enough fat or even doing the diet right. I try not to compare to others journeys but I watch videos so they I can know what to expect and every video that I’ve seen everyone have lost at least 5 to 7 pounds are there any tips that you can give me so that I can see results?

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