KETO DIET WEEK 2 WEIGHT LOSS | KETO TIPS | What I ate to lose weight

Here is my Keto diet weight loss week 2 results. I still feel really good! I’m showing what I eat in a day all week! My best keto tips are in this video! The ketogenic



  1. You have to try silk’s unsweetened cashew almond milk blend! It’s SO good and creamy, 25 calories a serving and only 2 grams of carbs. Look out for the vanilla, it’ll change your bulletproof coffee game!

  2. I dont like high-waisted bathing suits, but you are ROCKING IT ❤️❤️❤️You look fantastic! I've lost 6.5 pounds in the last few weeks and, like you, I can tell the biggest difference in how my clothing fits. It's the best feeling!!!

  3. I am a newbie to your channel not doing the Keto diet and came across your channel because I am interested and been meeting up with friends and it seem everyone on it lol I will say I was a Hugh night snacking and decided that 8 p.m-8 a.m I allow myself a light snack under 100 with my tea then nothing till morning I have lost 1 and half in 1 week I knew I was over snacking with being an emotional eater but this week realize how bad it was after step off the scale so you are right in giving your body a rest ,are you doing any type of exercises?what a difference 2 weeks makes

  4. Great job!!! Keep it up!!! Hard work always pays off!!!!! Got you girl! On a diet as well…. but my is little more harsh. Do support you! Hope you can return some love 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  5. You’re doing awesome Jia!! You got this.💪 I was on Keto for about 6 months but fell off the wagon about 3 months ago and Guuuuurrrrrrllllll its so HARD to get back on. I miss the energy I had. Watching you do this is making me motivate to get back with it. Thanks for sharing the journey!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Congrats you are doing great! I haven't watched in a lil while cause I'm trying to cut back on utube…I do have a question for u I don't know if you can answer but thought I'd ask cause I've been watching Dr Berg and trying to see if I can do this let option with intermittent fasting…however my delimia is due to my digestive issues and gerd and other probs when I don't eat every few hrs I have alot of chest pain from the acid rising due to my tummy being empty and the acid rising…my sphincter doesn't work properly…so I stuggle with longer than 3 hrs on empty… I'm getting surgery to fix the sphincter in my esophogus soon and then hopefully I can try this cause I know I have insulin resistance and I think this would help me alot..I know ur not a doc I just didn't know if I've ever experienced the problems I have currently…it also seems if I could train my digestive system to go on the long fasts it could help it to repair itselg due to not being so active…my body is a hot disaster when it comes to eating anymore i never enjoy a meal at all cause all the probs look great!

  7. Low carb is a great way to go. When I was starting it years ago, I had a hard time with it because I'm not a huge meat eater. I understand about what you said concerning low energy. The key for me was finding the balance that worked for me, which was eating a protein rich snack, such as turkey and cheese (my favorite is mesquite smoked turkey with swiss cheese) rolled up and snacked on. It made a big difference for me.

  8. I really like your healthy dinner dish the shrimp with zucchini noodles homemade! I’m going to find that grinder you have and start making that 😊 thanks for sharing 😊

  9. Just found your channel and loving it. I will be doing keto for the first time and your keto videos are so helpful. Thanks girl for your great content. I kind of want to vlog my whole journey 😊 we will see if I’m brave enough lol.

  10. I just started into weeks three lost ten pounds and I think I'm going to start doing smoothies for breakfast thanks for the information ,must try !!!! Spinach kale and strawberries ,,, keep the updates coming please

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