Keto Double Chocolate Donuts! Bake with me.

Ok guys… This video ended up really long, but as it turns out, it takes awhile to show a recipe start to finish. My husband Dan makes some cameos and you kind …



  1. Hey sweetie. I was wondering if I could use stevia instead of monkfru or the other one you mentioned. I went around to Walmart, food lion and hills here in my town and couldn't find the one you mentioned. I can't spell it so that's why I say the other one lol. I live in a little town and it's clear to me that keto is a foreign language to the stores here. I went to Myrtle Beach Sunday, an hour away, and found a Lilly's bar but no chips.

  2. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I just made these and they are AMAZING. However, mine seem to be falling apart on me. Do you know what I could have done wrong? They still taste AMAZING, so I’ll definitely be making them again. Just not sure why they’re falling apart

  3. OMG You two crack me up but wow those KetoDonuts loook sooooo soooo yummy! I am not sure I am ready to be eating stuff like this though because I feel I will end up eating them all LOL.. Thanks for the video, all your videos actually and your humorous touch. Love you guys! Oh and I have that weird thing with certain sounds..especially the ones my husband makes…his more than anyone elses for whatever reason…he just gets on my nerves LOL

  4. Hi- love love your channel- quick question- On the recipe for the choco donuts and also lemon cakes- can you sub half and half or cream for the almond milk? I don't really buy almond milk and was wondering- peace to you and your family. xoxo

  5. I had these….Oh. My. Gosh…

    My husband and I absolutely love this! Did your twist on the recipe, but I put 28g of Lily's chocolate XD, (instead of Ginga handfuls lol)

    I then put them in mini muffin pans with a cookie scooper. (Made 28)

    I then made cream cheese frosting
    8oz cream cheese
    One stick of butter
    1/3 cup of powderd swerve
    1/3 tsp of vanilla extract
    (This makes way more than you need but the taste is perfect!)

    OH MY! This is so good it's absolutely sinful! I highly recommend this!! No joke!

    My husband wants this as his birthday cake with the cream cheese frosting! We have plenty left over cream cheese, sooooooo I'm making alot more tomorrow!

    Your Fabulous!! I love your family, content and personally! You ROCK!!


  6. I cook/bake with my nose as the "done meter" also. I adore your videos …yummy, budget friendly Keto. We are starting Monday….my fiance', my 15 year old and me. Kind of "Skeered" of screwing up something.

  7. Oooh im soo going to make these and buy a donut dish- def love chocolate and will prob use part xtra dark cocoa powder and part reg cocoa powder- thank u!! And that's great abt the ABA school- my 9 year old girl has autism so def understand where ur coming from!!

  8. Have you tried the Keto Bagels out in this donut pan? I see a 2 versions of bagels floating around either with almond or with coconut flour. Have you tried either? I want to like coconut flour because it is SO MUCH CHEAPER than almond flour, but apparently I have expensive tastes. LOL

  9. God Bless you for these inspirational video's like I said before! Wow I didn't know your son is Autistic like mine whom like I said yesterday has Asperger's.
    May Yashua bless your children and your family I know it is hard but it does get a little bit easier I have been through all those trials with three with ADHD and of course Sammy with Asperger's if you need any help or to blow off steam message me!

  10. I just started watching your channel yesterday… I really enjoy your content. My husband and I have been Keto for about 3 1/2-4 months. We both have about 30 lbs till our goal but are half way there. In your other videos I’ve heard you talking about therapy but didn’t know the story behind it. My son will be 5 on the 26th of this month and he was diagnosed with ASD on 12/8/17. We haven’t been doing either lifestyle very long but I’m grateful to come across your channel.

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