Keto Egg Cups Five Ways | Gluten Free Breakfast Meal Prep

In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey is getting you ready for back to work and school time. This time of year means mornings are extra crazy and meal prep …



  1. so your a dietitian promoting prossesed meat and eggs???? i can't believe this……you know the resurch…you know the damage these foods do…. disappointing from a dietitian in training…..

  2. Sorry, but this is hypocrisy.

    You promote a β€œbalanced” meal but this has no carbohydrates, an excess of saturated fat and cholesterol which cause heart disease, and processed meat which has been classified by the WHO as a type 2 carcinogen.

    You are a DIETICIAN. How can you just ignore the research on these dangerous food items you promote?

  3. Wow! Just started watching all of your videos. Love them. Debbie Diet is hilarious! It's great that you are educated and funny! These eggs look great. Thanks for promoting a real, well balanced diet without the dogma.

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