KETO Fat Adaptation: The Holy Grail Of Fat Loss?

How To Start With Keto: Hey, it’s Thomas DeLauer, the world #1 ketogenic diet expert. And I have a confession to make …



  1. You don't need to be on keto for the rest of your life – only until you reach your target weight & body fat %. Once you're there, you can eat practically any macro mix, as long as you maintain your 16:8 IF protocol, and generally keep overall daily caloric intake from exceeding caloric expenditure (watch the scale over time- your body will tell you)

  2. I already purchased your program of Science based 6-Pack Abs. GREAT PROGRAM. Just curious as to WHY I should buy KETOX? I agree with everything you say and believe strongly in the the benefits.And is this the path I should continue to gain muscle and have lean body mass with volume training.?

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