Keto grocery haul! I went to Sprouts Farmers Market and Aldi! I’m starting back on my Keto diet. the LCHF lifestyle can be challenging yet so rewarding!



  1. I ❤ Sprouts, I have one right down the street from me. We don't currently have an Aldi's but we're getting one soon!!! I need to try the Keto diet (my hubby does) because I love carbs but I know they're not good for you. Love watching your vlogs?

  2. Girl I love your channel! My mom taught me cut the okra and then add corn meal. And fry. As I got older I added egg just to hold the corn meal better whatever season u want. Nothing better than fresh okra

  3. love sprouts! I will say, typically most of their produce needs to be cooked/eaten within 3-4 days, in my experience. it’s pretty well priced though, and their bulk section is great!

  4. I think I want those chairs. I wish they had cushions. The fruit is good search youtube for hauls at Aldi’s
    I shop at sprouts and aldis
    The Brussels (spelled wrong) sprouts were too high and they looked old normally they look better than that
    And you should try their deli and hot soups very good at sprout.

  5. Hey Gia! Ye is go to certain stores for certain things. Aldi I get chips gala apples toilet tissue paper towels olive oil nuts, publix I get my chicken from the greenwise section and brown eggs Swiss chard and romaine organic lettuce cucumbers Walmart is for household items like cleaners ac filter.

  6. Jia, I totally agree. I almost fell for that cauliflower pizza then I read the label and I said NO… I bought the keto made simple, I will start a week after you so I can watch your videos and cook what you cook

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