#keto #ketodiet #trucking Making my keto coffee

doing keto is not impossible on the road anymore. here is how i make my coffee. #trucking #success #hustle #patience find all of my favorite products on amazon …



  1. I do keto coffee too but I do it without sweetener because I do intermittent fasting and if you use any sweetener you break your fasting because your insulin can rise and the fasting effect is lost. Good to see truckers taking care of them self

  2. Call out to all the comments asking how saturated fat and loosing weight?? It’s called stop eating sugar and foods that’s your body turns into sugar, don’t let your body run solely on glucose!

  3. OKAY, 1 LG caffeine coffee in am or upon waking. After that why not just water, water, and more water? I'm older and more of a modified Paleo guy. Both seem to be good. Just want to keep weight and pb good. I'm not hard core enough for keto, too old and 45% blockage at a few points. Cardiology Dr said modified Paleo with lean meat is okay for me. You youngins maybe keto is way to go but Paleo might be able to continue long term IDK. Good luck, be SAFE

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