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  1. I'm impressed with myself in that I've done similar salads with sauted shrimp or scallops and yes….. lots of garlic! To think that I'm on the same page as you, a sophisticated/international foodie makes me think that I'm doing something right! You'll have to say your name at least 6-12 times so I feel confident of the pronunciation….. looks pretty straight forward though!
    Good stuff!

  2. kinda reminds me of a classic california salad, a prawn or crab "louie" — usually has avocado and tomato and yes, it's delish with the avocado!

    i'm definitely going to try this with the gherkins and olives, and capers, my fave. i mean, butter poached prawns? yum!!! (i actuallly did something similar last night for dinner. sauteed defrosted prawns in butter in which i'd simmered some garlic. added some white wine at the end, and topped with EVOO, and mint and basil b/c i had it in the fridge. was kind of trying to mimic the spanish tapas dish of shrimp with garlic in EVOO but i couldn't help myself and keot adding flavors. it was DEEEVINE. prawns FTW!

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