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  1. I did so good on keto loss about 42lbs kind of fell off in August and gained 16lbs back … I’m jumping back in there because I really did love it thanks for the motivation 😘😘 also what are some food keto friendly wines??

  2. I just entered ketosis last week…7 lbs down already! I follow both Dr. Berg and DeLauer. Intermittent fasting also. I'm making sure I get my potassium, magnesium, and enough sodium to keep the "keto flu" away.

  3. I'm really glad you brought up the "eat what you want but in moderation" argument. I'm so tired of seeing people throw this around because like a lot of things in health, people think that this view that they hold is the end all be all for everyone. Everyone can live by this rule and it's going to turn out okay but it sends a lot of people downhill. Small portions of sweets&carbs start getting bigger and bigger or even those small portions don't agree with the person's body even if they remain small. The person never sees the progress they need and eventually fall entirely off the healthy bandwagon.

  4. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and have been seeing crazy results! Thank you for introducing it to me! I couldn’t do Keto bc my body does not process dairy so I’m doing paleo. Thanks for the motivation as always 😘

  5. I transitioned into the keto lifestyle awhile ago due to diabetes and now no more diabetes and i love the way i feel. I havent dabbled into fasting, question if you only eat 2xs a day, do you eat all your cal in those meals or are ur cal cut?

  6. Hi, I been on Keto diet for 3 months, and I lost at most 5 pounds. I am doing health versioning Keto, and no cheating day. I been doing intermittent fasting, where I eat 1 normal size meal ( not too big and not too small), and still no results. I’m feeling so discouraged. What am I doing wrong ? Help !!!! 🙏

  7. Thank you for being informative. I’ve been struggling with the weight I’ve gained since graduating High School & was very iffy of the Keto lifestyle. You’ve described everything I’m going through & how my mindset was up until I watched this video.

  8. I know this is a month old video but you have inspired me to start Keto. I'm sure you've inspired others. You need to think of a plan to monetize this. This is the longest I've ever followed a food plan. I've also done my own research as you've suggested. But you are inspirational!

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