Ketone Urine Strips, Tests and Results | Dr. Boz

In this video I explain everything you need to know about Ketone Urine Strips / Urine Strip Tests for Ketosis. Understand how Ketone Urine Strips identify …



  1. Thank you Dr. Boz for this video. I have been searching and researching for an answer to my plateau. I have been on keto 20 or less carbs for 14 months.I lost 50lbs the first 4 months and very little after. The measurements are not changing. I have been overweight for most of my life, and over 50. I need to lose 100 or more lbs. My marcos are good and I tried all the "tweaks" such as cutting nuts, dairy, calories, and nothing broke my stall. I have been doing this for two months with no progress. I tried IF too and nothing. I finally broke down and got a ketone/glucose monitor and I discovered that I am not in optimal ketosis. I was ranging around 0.3-0.6 with 20 and under carbs. It has been VERY FRUSTRATING especially when I hear from so many that the problem is dairy, calories, too much this and too much that. That may be true for some people but seven months on and stall and something is going on with my carbs. I am now trying IF with cutting to 10 carbs per day and seeing my ketones between 1.0-4.5. I do have a question, Why does would the 20 carbs work in the beginning and then stop ? I understand the water issue but I lost 50lbs. This video is encouraging ! Thank you. I am documenting my progress on my channel.

  2. Your videos are great. Can I suggest more frequent and shorter tip based videos. Production values don't matter too much. I think you could increase your subscriptions and views quite significantly. Thank you.

  3. Dr. Boz,

    I had a situation where I treated for a low blood sugar. I expected to get knocked out of ketosis, but later that night I was showing more ketones on the urine strip.

  4. I have been using ketone strips but not sure what i'm doing wrong..color is not changing…been doing diet by the book, but doesn't seem i'm going into ketosis.

  5. Dr Boz, I use intermittent fasting, within 4 hour window I eat 2 times and then I fast for 20 hours. How much protein do you suggest to eat per meal (155 lbs)? If I eat more then 40 grams of protein will that have negative impact on my kidneys? It is hard to have right amount of protein when you eat within small window like that.

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