Ketosis and Kidneys: Setting the Record Straight

“Doc, I got bad kidneys. Is ketosis safe?” Dr. Boz dispels myths about kidney health on the ketosis diet! Read the blog post: …



  1. Nice work Dr. Bos. I found your channel a few days ago, and I am marching through your videos. We need more doctors like you who take a preventive approach to medicine. I live in the Chicago area and I am observe so many really obese people, often young, in my day to day travels. One question: once someone has reached a normal weight, would you still recommend a keto diet? Thanks again.

  2. I love your videos. Explain to me why people say urine strips are not a good indicator of being in nutritional ketosis. I do not have a blood meter, but I have been on a ketogenic way of eating for a year and have lost 47 lbs. I just wonder why they say the strips are not good. I have used them to keep track of my ketones for this whole year. Sometimes I am only in the lower range and never in the extreme purple range so tell me if ketones showing up on the urine strips just means your body is excreting ketones that means you are burning ketones and using them or does it just mean your body isn’t using ketones and just excreting them.
    So confusing.

  3. I end up eating too much fat and too much protein to get the rest of the nutrients. I measure it by my fitness pal. So maybe food should be broke down into proteins fats and carbs so a person could watch how much of what they eat?

  4. had stage 3 kidney disease at 46 and was told it will not get better. I quit drinking and went on paleo diet (which in hindsight was VERY ketogenic for me) and now at 52 produce a lower normal creatinine.
    I ve been waiting for your videos and overall presence on the internet. THX!

  5. Hi Dr. Boz. My name is Larry and I have stage three kidney disease. I have lost forty pounds sense April on the Keto diet. My BMI is 29.73. I had blood work last week and my creatinine level has gone up to 1.85. My family doctor thinks it could be the protein in my keto diet that could be causing the rise. My question to you is what can I eat to lower my protein . Keep my carbs low. And yet keep my fats high? Thank You so much. Your videos have been very helpful to me. Take care. Larry

  6. Carbs bad for kidneys? How? You'd expect all those guys on the McDougall diet to be on dialysis cause all they seem to eat is starchy carbs, well mainly.
    A study published in the "Journal of the American Society of Nephrology" in 2011 linked a high-fat diet to kidney disease in mice by way of AMPK, an enzyme involved in energy metabolism. AMPK activity in the kidneys is inhibited by inflammation — your body's response to fight off viruses, bacteria and foreign substances. Researchers found the high-fat diet led to an inflammatory response in the kidney tissues of the mice, resulting in a decrease in AMPK activity and ultimately increased markers of kidney disease. Inflammation of the kidneys is called nephritis and can damage kidney tissues and cells, leading to kidney disease.

    In summary, our studies demonstrate that the kidney is an
    early responder to the challenge of high fat feeding. The kidney
    exhibits an initial programmed inflammatory response, initially
    characterized by increased MCP-1 and urine H2O2, followed
    by a subsequent robust inflammatory and fibrotic response
    at the gene expression, histologic, and functional level.
    The central energy sensor, AMPK, plays a critical role in regulating
    the initial response in the kidney. Specific AMPK activation
    in the kidney would therefore be a potential approach to
    protect the kidney from the early effects of obesity and insulin

  7. So the high carb diet gives fatty liver. Can a person with fatty liver do a high fat diet? Or should it be a low carb, low fat diet, low protein diet? Very confusing, which is the best approach for one with fatty liver and healthy kidneys follow?

  8. Hey Doc, your video is so interesting because I'm living proof that everything you said is on point. I have stage 1 kidney disease (after a blood infection) and for five years my creatinine was between 1.6 and 1.1

    I'm obese (in January my weight was 266 pounds) and I decided to start a ketogenic diet Dr. Berg's style. My doctor didn't like the idea very much but I kept going and now, a year later I lost 70 pounds and my creatinine level is 0.98 😍 my doctor is so pleased with the results and almost convinced Keto Works lol
    I do love this diet and I intend to eat this way for the rest of my life ❀️

  9. Yesterday my primary Dr.'s office called to let me know that they will be sending me to a kidney specialist. Also my Ac1 is 8.6. Post surgery my Ac1 used to be 10. Or 11. I had gastric sleeve on Jan 3, 2018. I am 53 years old and I lost 55lbs. I being diabetic for over 14 years. Also has HBP. I am educating myself about keto and just started 1 or 2 months ago. I was 293lbs height 5'2. Just watching your video give me a ray of hope. I am waiting for a call to see the specialist hopefully very soon. Thanks Dr. Boz for the video.

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