Ketosis, Cancer, & even the Carnivore Diet with Dr Nasha Winters

Integrative Oncologist, Dr. Nasha Winters, founder of Optimal Terrain Consulting joins me for an informative, energetic chat about all things related to ketosis and …



  1. What a great informative podcast /YouTube video..thank u so much. Also I did a 36 hour fast and gosh the feeling was great. I feel like any diet (as u know I’m on the carnivore diet right now) can sometimes get a little narrowed in the way you look at things. I mentioned macros on a carni group and got jumped all over…Anyway…I came to this diet for healing story was Keto..then vegan ..then carnivore…crazy huh? Well it was all for my inflammation and digestion . I was in agony for years and with the most massive flare up in last few months . But with Carni…I have never felt better…but my body comp is not where I want it to be…so I have playing around with like you said ..adding fat(not animal) like coco oil …Anyway..great podcast gurl!!💪🏾🥩💪🏾

  2. oh boy a naturopath just when you thought mainstream medicine wasn't selling you enough snake oil. if I fix my mitochondrias will it rebalance my chakras and give me jedi powers?

    notwithstanding, this chick seems like she's only 60% kooky so thank you for interviewing her. I will legit look in to some of what I learned here.

  3. You guys still don't get it. You aren't suppose to fight cancer. The body is programmed to survive, not kill itself. When you attack cancer you are attacking the very thing that is saving your life

  4. There's something that this interview seems to overlook. And that is the possibility that a plant based diet for cancer patients is core as touted by Nasha could simply be because, as she experienced, the steps she took, for example by giving up grains etc., her health improved. But has she ever given up veg. herself? I know she's big into gardening. When I went carnivore, I felt bad for some days. Most do. I had already been keto for many years. Why did I feel bad. I think it's the die off of the billions of bacteria feeding on plant material in the gut , AND their associated Candida friends. And the Candida that lives throughout the body and not just the gut. One simply has to get past this die off to experience the other side. That takes perseverance and an open mind that plants may not be the holy grail that we need to hang on to. I'm not saying I know this to be true, but there does exist a strong possibility it is so.

  5. Thank you , ladies! I’m on a journey to get healthy and encourage others on their journey too.
    Once I Gave up the veges that are high in salicylate, my gut is happy! Keto/carnivorous is the way to go for me.

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