KETOSIS doesn’t guarantee weight loss, but a KETO DIET makes fat loss super easy

The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking: …



  1. Love your channel so much and obviously the content, family etc! Before even starting was binge watching all your videos and am happy to report am 25 pounds down, thank you, thank you! 🙂

  2. gaining weight is a hormonal imbalance, not a calorie-we are no technically machines that work 100% accurate, using the laws of thermodynamics that is for machines, for an biological human beeing is simply nonsensical

    when i starting this diet, i cam from a shitty carb diet, i was forced to use a lot of will power and undereating because of "calories in calories out" and loose maybe 5kg in 2-3 monts (every to weeks it should be 1kg, because of my "calorie deficit" but it wasnt simply that number, i loose like maybe 3kg, but my "caloric counting" and my energy expend was on point+ will power and bee immense hungry

    and when i started real keto with fasting, my body re-set, i can clearly tell if i am real hungry, or its just appetite, but not from beginning
    i started with that "protein isnt that horible for keto, and i dont need that much fat for ketosis", but it wasnt working

    than i started lik at the highest 20%-25% at the highest top of protein, always less than 3% carbs (mostly like 1-2%) and the rest was fat
    then it was a rolling stone, no hunger, great energy, mental clearly and i eat even 3500calories a day (before 1800-2200) and still getting leaner fby day after day

    i even implementing fasting, REAL fasting for like at least 2-3 days behind each other, and have 1 keto feasting meal, and repeat the cicle
    i can still train hard, have great energy and eat when i eat much more than my "calorie need" would be, but still loose my weight

    just watch chris krüger, dr.jason fung and this approach was my rescue from this calories in calories in bullshit and only calories matters and now, after 20 years i finnaly reach the shape i always wanted, without restricting, or shity unhealthy foods, and low energy- just natural organic, and freaking delicious food, and with no fear of saturated fats or some other bullshit

  3. The problem people are having is they think the atkins diet is keto- eating meat and cheese all day is atkins, keto is about not only prioritizing high fat foods like coconut/avocados but also reducing protein because in the absence of carbs the body uses extra protein like carbs.
    I do carb cycling and gorge on protein when mass building but I do it all completely plant based so I dont deal with the consequences of eating all that poison

  4. This is why I feel intermittent fasting is crucial with keto… Or any way if eating for that matter. Most people have lost the ability to know when your body no longer requires feeding. You have to train yourself with fasting and it does become easier. And I'm sorry but like it or not you will feel hunger… But it gets easier and more natural the longer you do it

  5. This is bloody brilliant! I am an athlete and got told to eat by my dr 80fat/59protein/3carb, and got fat! I was in ketosis deeply but was getting fat, thought I was going insane and then found this! Im over the moon. Dropping down the fat ASAP!
    Keep this going brother!

  6. Thank you sooooo much for this video. I swallow extra coconut oil after a meal, or eat extra fatty meal sometimes to meet the fat requirement. I wondered why I'm not losing weight.

  7. And if you are eating a well balanced clean keto diet with 100 grams of fat, 50 grams of protein, and 15 grams of whole carbs AND you aren't losing weight?? I am 50 lbs over weight and I'm active everyday; either work or gym and I do IF 16:8!! What gives??

  8. Max 1400 cals, 70/25/5 veggie keto, once a day, 24 hour fast. Apple cider vinegar, lemon, lime, cream of tartar drink in the day. Working. Diabetes gone, fat shrinking. Happiness ☺

  9. Just about to start a ketogenic journey. 46 years old and need to find something that will work. great video's, lots of clear information and advice. great work

  10. Thank you!
    I was thinking until I found your videos that I’m becoming confused and stupid enough to pay money for lots of things just because I’m desperate to loose weigh and keep it off! Didn’t see any point if the fatty coffee or tea! But tried it!
    Didn’t know what program to buy, so I’m still navigating after buying one!

    I’m so sad for the kind of culture we are living in now a days! They play all the cards possible for more profit, without caring even for a second about human existence and people’s health!
    Unbelievable amount of crap out there!!!

    So… Thank you! God bless you and your beautiful family!

    I can’t wait for your wife’s book so I can start living and stop being a “KETO videos junkie” 😁

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