Ketosis is Hard-Wired Into Our Genetics

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  1. Dr Berg you are the best, love your videos, you have given me a lot of very easy to understand information that has really helped me loose the weight I've needed to loose…..keep up the good work👍🏻

  2. When I was growing up in a small town we ate from our garden and got our meat and chicken from the farm and ate tons of fresh caught fish in the summer.  My mother was not a proponent of frying anything back then and we ate a big salad everyday.We didn't have soda and we ate very little processed food, for example, my mom would have been so embarrassed to feed us hamburger helper, BUT then I left home for the big city and in the late 80's and early 90's there was this big trend towards all of this sugar consumption because it was fat free.  I mean I developed such an addiction for candy that I had never eaten growing up!  I remember the aerobics instructor at my health club passing out chocolate candy before and after working out because it was fat free…. When I got my first taste of mac and cheese and soda, I couldn't stop! For the last 25 years I have been intermittently eating healthy or what was considered healthy at that time and I would say that in comparison to some people who eat pizza everyday and drink 4 sodas a day, I'm probably not there but I feel like I have been on a bad track for some time.  I feel like sugar is such an addiction that it's just so hard for someone like me to kick and I have to do a Keto type diet to give myself enough nutrition to ditch the sugar for good. There is something right about Keto, people just need to try it.  My body responds quickly to this way of eating.  I sleep better, am less tired,  losing weight, feel less bloated, feel more like exercising and anyone that says it's more expensive is living off Ramen because all of the junk I was buying was way more expensive.  I eat out far less, wayyyy less and make sure I know where my food is coming from and how it is prepared.  I leave nothing up to chance.  I feel like I hit the lottery when I found your channel Dr. Berg.   I can't thank you enough,Katie

  3. I have a question I recently had chest x-rays for my lungs and heart EKGs and blood work yet my spo2 is still low I did a spirometry test a few months ago and it was above average and she said I did phenomenal I do live in Colorado but I do recall my oxygen being at least 96 to 98 now it sits at 93 and 94 and even lower while resting. What could be the cause?

  4. So as man is a frugivore, not an omnivore, not a carnivore and not a herbivore; how can sugar from natural sugars be bad? I agree we were not designed to consume the high fructose corn syrup nor, nor refined carbohydrates which the body cannot process well. The state of ketosis is anti-inflammatory which can certainly be good for some short term complaints, but it is not a long term detoxifying diet. It is largely based on acid forming foods, that ultimately destroy the bones and degenerate the cells, and is proven after six weeks to start to destroy the guts microbiata, rather than alkaline foods where ash is a byproduct, that preserves minerals because it is the correct ph for our body. We are not supposed to consume high lipids, nor too much protein, as this is harmful to the kidneys, adrenals and the glands. Look at any animal that lives on fats and protein and they all struggle ultimately with kidney failure. The only food that detoxifies the kidneys, adrenals and lymphatic system sufficiently is fruits and herbs, and some vegetables. The theory that you can 'starve' cancer cells with ketosis is ludicrous. It is not possible to starve cancer cells without starving nutritionally other cells too. The only way to ultimate health is through detoxification of the lymphatic system. I see absolutely no long term evidence (and I am talking long term – not short term) that ketogenic diets are better for health than a good plant based diet (with small amounts of fats and protein).

  5. I agree that fat is our primary fuel , I noticed this a year ago , one question Dr Berg on the traditional innut population , many studies now show they weren't in ketosis and can't get into ketosis , can you comment on this

  6. Sir how much time it takes to heal from vitamin d deficiency. I had levels of 12 in November 2017 and now it's fairly close to 60 but still I keep feeling dizzy everyday and Everytime…As well as headache..I have also tried Ketogenic lifestyle…I also have some instances of brain fog. My rbc count is at 6.5.. That's elevated… Rest everything is within normal range. My Haemoglobin is also at 17. Could it be the reason for dizziness and fatigue…Pls reply…Or guide me….What to do next…Should I see a haemotologist…I also get tingling in my fingers…Pls reply..

  7. This makes total sense to me. I've been on this diet for about a month now( had a slight setback for the first week). I'm down 20 lbs and I feel great. I have roughly 25 more pounds to go, maybe not though. My goal is a six-pack, not a weight number.

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