Ketosis Transitioning: Part 3- KETO-ADAPTED

Adapting your body to burn fat instead of carbs involves five specific phases. These phases happen in a predictable order that have been researched and …



  1. Ok, BIG question. i have been a diabetic for 15 years and have progressed to being a heavy insulin user. my doctor doesn't approve of the keto way of eating. I'm tired of all the meds and insulin. how can i safely start the keto way of eating? I was diagnosed with a cancer of the central nervous system attached to my optical nerve, 6 years ago with a less than 5% chance of survival. I beat the odds and now I'm cancer free for the moment. I credit this to a low carb diet but with all that happened, I have gained 80 pounds and now take insulin twice a day and at every meal. how can i safely stop the merry-go-round ? i feel like i'm circling the drain… please help!

  2. Great content, but the audio levels in all of your videos are uneven. The body of the video is very low so you have to turn up the volume to hear you. Once you get to the end of the video the music blasts very loud.

  3. I can not imagine not eating for 3 days,I think I’m doing really well when I do 24hrs,but I’m still getting high BS in the morning so I may have to go longer, thank you Dr for all you do

  4. So what was your ketone results after the video? You shared blood sugar but not ketones?
    My wife wants to know. She’s been keto 8 months now and I’m starting tomorrow.
    Great videos!

  5. I like your approach so much – very informative and clear without "med-speak" and without taking 1/2 hour or more to get your points across. However, not comfortable with the way you glossed over the fact that your blood sugar was 97 after a 40-hour fast.

  6. I just found your channel, your videos are amazing and so helpful!! I am interested in this stuff like nutrition, what happens when we eat something, why it happens, how is the body working and what to eat to be healthy and things like that. But I've always found it too difficult because there is sooooo many information – but your videos are so simple to understand and I love it. Also you are the first doctor I know who fast for being healthy. If you have some time, could I ask you something about fasting?

  7. I wish you were my Doctor, I told my Doctor I wanted to go on a Ketogenic diet,
    I've tried to tell her what I've found on YouTube, but she put her hand up and said, " I don't want to hear it".
    "If you don't take the drugs I prescribe then I can't help you." So I'm going it alone. I'm 66 and a type 2 diabetic.
    Thanks for the great information.

  8. Just wonderful and informative,the reason for following low carbs diet is my circumstances
    for few years suffering from high inflammation of skin tissue and joint pain.Medifications thus
    help but my regular doctor did not offer any answer to the problem,Now on 16 hours fasting
    for 2 months and feel recurrence of gout less frequent maybe over in due time

  9. The fast is very important, as the Keto craziness of eating all the fat and protein you want will cause you to gain weight. You can't get around the law of, if you take in more calories then you burn, you will gain weight. If you take in less calories then you burn you will lose weight. That is why one of the scientifically proven methods to increase lifespan is a calorie restricted diet. Also if you eat all the fat and protein you want you increase the likelihood of arterial disease and cancer. Remember they pump the factory farm animals with drugs, hormones and genetically modified feed (not to mention other rendered dead animals/animal parts they feed them).

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