Kickboxing: 5 Reasons It Is the Best Workout

Kickboxing: 5 Reasons It Is the Best Workout

The number of people taking up kickboxing has increased dramatically in recent years. While there are many reasons people choose this effective exercise, the main ones tend to be to lose weight, improve strength and boost endurance. That’s where cardio kickboxing comes in.

If you’re thinking of starting kickboxing, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you or not, below you’ll discover 5 reasons it’s considered to be the best workout.

  1. It helps you to lose weight

Weight loss is the number one reason many people take up kickboxing; particularly the cardio variety. It’s renowned for its high-intensity, calorie burning benefits.

The Harvard Medical School revealed the average person weighing approximately 155 pounds, will burn up to 372 calories per 30-minute session. That’s pretty impressive and totals nearly 800 calories if you work out for an hour.

So, from the calorie burning benefits alone, you can see why it’s considered one of the best exercises for weight loss.

  1. It helps to release stress and anger

Life’s not always kind and it can be exhausting trying to be the perfect spouse, parent and employee. Life is stressful so what better way to release the built-up stress than punching and kicking it out?

You get to pretend the bag is somebody you really dislike right now. You’ll be surprised how much motivation this can give you to carry out a full workout!

By the time you’ve finished your session, you’ll feel a million times better than you did before you started. So, if your life is pretty stressful, kickboxing is one of the best workouts to help you fight it.

  1. It’s awesome for your mental health

As it does help to eliminate stress and anger from the body, kickboxing is a great workout to boost your mental health. Any type of exercise can help fight mental illness such as depression, but kickboxing is known to be particularly effective.

It won’t just help combat existing mental health issues. Kickboxing can also help you to achieve increased mental toughness. If you’re training at a gym, you’re going to face failures when fighting opponents. This will help you to become more mentally able to deal with failure, as well as help you figure out how to improve and win the next fight.

There’s also the fact it can really help you to face your fears. A lot of people are intimidated by kickboxing gyms. So, the very act of signing up and attending your first class can help you to conquer your fears.

  1. It improves balance, coordination and flexibility

While you may not realize it, kickboxing relies heavily upon good core strength. As you start to work your core, you’ll become more flexible, coordinated and balanced.

You’ll need to learn exactly how to deliver kicks and punches and know how to keep your balance while you’re performing more challenging kicks.

Flexibility is perhaps the most surprising benefit of kickboxing. It’s not like yoga where there’s a lot of stretching, so how does kickboxing help to improve flexibility? It’s all to do with the range of movements you’ll carry out. Kicks in particular can really loosen up the hips and boost flexibility.

  1. It’s fun to do!

Not many exercises can be classified as fun, but kickboxing is an exception. One of the key factors which makes this one of the best workouts is the fact it’s so varied. No two kickboxing workout routines are the same, so you’ll never get bored.

So, there you have it, 5 reasons kickboxing is considered the best workout. It provides so many unique benefits and manages to give the entire body a workout. If there’s just one exercise you take up, you really can’t go wrong with kickboxing.


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