Losing Hair on a Keto & Intermittent Fasting Plan? THIS IS WHY…

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  1. Surprisingly after 5 months Keto, my hair has become thicker and longer than it have been in years prior to starting. Even my hair texture become kinkier than before as it was looser and thinner before. I can say Keto has brought my hair back.

  2. I started putting one drop of iodine in a cup of chicken broth and drink to take a double dose of multi-vitamin/minerals. Hair stopped falling out in just two days.

  3. Hi… I'm 34 my weight is 71 and I have been following keto and intimate deit one a day for past almost 6 months but resently I m losing my hairs I don't now the reason after watching this video I understand that maybe I'm taking less calories…. Can u plz tell me how much calories I should take and how much carbs….. I'm female and mother of 3 lovely kids…. Plz help me I loss 16 kgs….

  4. I have done a lot of research on Keto and or fasting. Dr. Eric Berg knows his stuff! So pretty much when someone changes their diet to the keto diet and or fasting we tend to eat less calories thus not getting enough nutrients and minerals…minerals are super important for hair growth! I have a full head of hair, I honestly started keto and after 3 months I thinned out and lost a lot of hair……I was very shocked….I stuck to the keto + fasting diet ( I eat in a 4 hour window ) everyday. Keep this in mind….take fish oil, megadose of biotin, zinc, vit C, B, potassium, turmeric powder capsules, cod liver oil. I then started eating more fatty fish like salmon, if you are not eating lots of vitamins from vegetables there is your reason for hair loss! Write down what you eat and keep track…..I'm dead serious my hair grew back, took 5 months of healthy diet, vitamins ext .. just thought I would be spontaneous and maybe help someone today by writing this book.

  5. Why is that when you eat shitty foods you never experience hair loss and hair thinning? I used to eat a lot of junk food and was an addict of sugary drinks. My hair used to be thicker and stronger. Now I don't eat enough calories while IF and all of a sudden my hair has started to thin out.

  6. Your explanations are so simplified, some Drs on here simply reel off 'scientific' jargon and ramble on. I simply become disinterested. I find your videos so informative and nobody can say you don't know your stuff!!! Are you ever visiting the UK Dr Berg, I would love to attend one of your conventions. Much respect!!

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