Memory Loss and the Hippocampus: MUST WATCH!

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  1. I will tell you all the most important herbs and spices are bacopa and ASHWAGANDA which are indias ayurvedic herbs and the spice TUMERIC too is a powerful antioxidant as well as SAGE and rosemary your B vitamins from brown rice and MEDITATION is very powerful as well

  2. I agree 100% with long walks in the woods. The best activities are those that keep heart rate low and hence cortisol low. So my only disagreement would be using the term "aerobic exercise" to refer to walking, because that's ambiguous. Vigorous aerobic exercise like jogging or running results in the opposite–high cortisol–because the body interprets it as running from an animal for survival. Repeated activity like this–regardless of what government, media, or exercise gurus claim–will result in damage not only to the hippocampus, but the rest of the body, as well.

  3. fasting fasting fasting!!!!!!!!
    This is what our creator God recommended us through our prophets and his looks.
    I dry fast(not eating or drinking) every Mondays and Thursdays. This was prescribed by the prophet
    Mohmmad and 30 days in a row in a year. Helps alot.

  4. went ahead and read about that yeast… also read that it is being heat processed as a part of preparation… Now I have a question: don't all those good things including Vit B die because of yeast is being heat processed? Do I have to buh fortified yeast only? I also read that fortified one means artificial vitamins.

  5. Dr. Berg. Mothersmilk contains: 0.8% to 0.9% protein, 4.5% fat, 7.1% carbohydrates, and 0.2% ash (minerals). So mothers milk is high in carbohydrates (even sugar). Is this because of bad dieet? Or is it natural?

  6. Formula in 1954 was carnation Milk and corn syrup…too bad for me..that is what I was great, grand and mother showed goal is to prevent it. No processed foods. And avoiding toxins and medications ( statins) is where I am fasting is next. Thank you.

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