Keto diet results after one month on keto. I still feel great! I had a breakthrough this week and lost weight again. I drank my keto coffee and share my keto tips.



  1. Started following yr veto journey – you have no idea how much this has inspired me to give keno a go. Your showing how to do it is a simple grounded way, before I felt so confused by every conflicting info, this feels totally do-able. Thank you!

  2. I'm going to buy myself a waffle maker, they look so delicious and I so love the cream and strawberries on top! I love your videos Jia! Well done losing so much weight Jia, very proud of you! I too am a creature of habit. It's week one for me – I didn't lose anything but I'm not disheartened, I'm onto week two now.

  3. How does inttermittent fasting affect a person who takes medication every morning. High blood pressure & high cholesterol. Last time I did the fast, I ate a cracker to have something on my stomach. Didnt I break the fast by eating that 🙂

  4. Bullet proof coffee does break your fast, many medical professionals and Keto big whigs have lots of info on it. Basically anything with calories does. So the bone broth does also. You could have tea or black coffee with stevia. I'm not Keto? Just researching it. I think its great you are doing this and have so much on your plate! Superwoman! So proud of a woman who loves her body and teaches her children about self love!

  5. I used to do bone broth but it has a lot of protein and because of that it triggers an insulin response. It’d be better to stick to the bullet proof coffeee as it does not trigger an insulin response.

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