1. Although paleo is basically a pretty darn good eating plan, the evolutionary justification doesn't seem to make sense.
    Wouldn't the evolutionary pressure have been to get strong enough to win the best mate, stay strong enough to raise our kids, and maybe help them raise their kids? In the paleolithic that would take you through to about 40 years, if everyone had kids in their late teens (and they probably got started early than that 🙂

  2. Myth #1: Organic farms don't use pesticides.
    Myth #2: Organic food is healthier.
    Myth #3: Organic farming is better for the environment.
    Myth #4: You have to choose to either only eat organic or only eat non-organic foods.

  3. Cows milk. There's a reason we developed the enzyme lactase. So we can consume cows milk even as adults. We evolved it and it's advantageous over a primitive man who could not.

  4. This is a good video, and I'm sure all the rest of them are, too. What I had a problem with,, however, was the music that accompanied it. It is difficult to read what's on the screen, and listen to some irrevelant lyrics at the same time.

  5. 3:35 that's not entirely true.  humans in regions where  dairy is apart of their diet, their digestive system evolved  to allow the intake of dairy products  over the course of thousands of years since farming began. so as a result it changed their dna  to not be lactose intolerant to dairy products. unlike humans that lived in regions where dairy wasn't apart of their diet for thousands of years. this is why in Switzerland where dairy has been apart of peoples  diet for thousands of years in that region, their population is only 1% lactose intolerant compared  to native americans where dairy has not been apart of their diet  for thousands of years in north America and their population is 99% lactose intolerant.

  6. This video is wrong. It is full of bias, and provides next to no actual facts.Pictures do not count as facts, and neither do those statements like we should eat like him. There is proof on both ends and you basically shame people who do not eat the paleo diet. You show them happy, and you show the people who do not as fat, sick, and unhappy bastards. In reality most of the time I here people on the paleo diet complaining that they can not eat the food they used to love. In fact, you treat all companies like they are the same. I know for a fact that the fish picture is incorrect. There is rust on the wall that would go in the water, then in the fished gills, and then in him, so they would not be able to sell it. They do have precautions, like mercury in tuna. Some companies might do it like that and barely scrape past the regulations to sell only a portion of there product, but certainly not all. I am not shaming or saying the paleo diet is bad, I am saying this video is bad and fails to prove anything about the paleo diet.

  7. One thing I disagree about Paleo dieters about is the fact that they say we have not evolved much in 10,000 years. I don't agree.
    I believe we have evolved to process some grains over the last 10,000 years.
    We are not exactly genetically the same as our ancestors. When humans started farming, we got shorter, and fatter. The farming killed off people who could not handle the grain. We are ancestors of the people who survived and could handle some grains.
    We may not have perfectly evolved to eat grains, but over the 400 generations since farming was introduced, humans have evolved. Just how much though, we don't know but we still may be able to process grains better than our Paleo ancestors.

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