Paleo in a Nutshell Part 2: Exercise – I would like to re-make part 2 when I get time. There are a couple of things I would like to change. First, to make it clearer …



  1. No body said anything about women doing a lesser workout just different. Womens' bodies ARE different as is our DNA, so different exercise regime is appropriate.

  2. Not just steroids but an insane amount of supplements, end up with kidney and liver problems because of that… So do go through detox a few times a year but then kid of have to start all over again to compete

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  5. Bullshit, we've been hunting animals for thousands of years by chasing them down for hours in the hot sun. We are designed to workout for short intense bursts but also long strides. I study kinesiology, don't listen to this guy, he is basing his information on speculation rather than fact. Exercise is just good for you in general.

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  9. I loved the video. Killer audio, killer presentation.  It points in the right direction.  The bodybuilder, long distance runner, and powerlifter are NOT models of health.  They are models of extremely focused athletes that concentrate on a narrow band of fitness to extremes.
    The video is correct to suggest we need a balanced approach to fitness.  That might include weight training, running fast, running slow, lots of walking.  and maybe hoisting a rock or climbing a tree.  So far so good.
    What are ancestors did NOT do is pursue these various activities to extremes.  The short and intense workout should be scaled back, maybe 85 to 95% of the time.  Lift to exhaustion, run long to exhaustion, run sprints to exhaustion — less than 5 to 10% of the time.  Unfortunately, 21st century life precludes 2 and 3 hour activity sessions, so a few rounded exercise selections make sense.  Caveman would have held back a lot more than we fantasize.  It was brutal for sure, but running for your life didn't occur that often.
    Lifting hard on Monday, running hard on Tuesday, and climbing to exhaustion on Wednesday is NOT caveman.  If we imitate him, we should learn to back off the "workout" mentality and concentrate on activity.
    Unless you're trying to be a professional caveman.  Ouch!
    I loved your video.  It blows the majority of exercise philosophies away.  I just hope people don't get turned off by the ELITE cavemen.  I think they call that Cross Fit.  LOL

  10. there is no to much exersice, there is however to much of the same exercise en to much intense exersice. if you realy want some good information on this subject, check out ido portal he is an expert on this.

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