Patta Gobhi Ki Sabzi (Indian Style Stir Fried Cabbage) | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

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  1. My man you are so cool as a fucking cauliflower in your presentation and clearly a very good cook. Please keep producing, and I hope your numbers one day rise to equal the enjoyment we get from your videos. Thank you so much for more of the indian and/or vegetarian recipes – I might be showing my ignorance but I feel like food from the indian states is intrinsically more healthy than what is commonly found here in the USA.

  2. I didn't have the asafoetida, so the I was told(by the all knowing "Google") to use Garlic chives as a substitute. I also added some shredded pork for a little protein and called it a main meal. I've been a real fan of fried cabbage with lots of turmeric ever since I started Keto. This was very good…..Thanks

  3. Awesome! I really appreciate your more cultural dishes. I don't have much exposure to Indian food, so it's fascinating to me. Keto is interesting in that you can make so many nationalities' food, keto friendly. It really helps you not get bored.

  4. You should do that cute face on a music video, then go into your most menacing and evil growl. That would give some nightmares. Grand dish. I think I will dice some ham with it tonight. C from Ireland ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ‘น

  5. Cabbage was 68 cents a head @ Walmart last week. I bought 2! So, this recipe will definitely help me to use the head I have left in the fridge! I love cabbage any time of the year. I love cheap cabbage even more!

  6. Sahil, I love you. I have every ingredient for this dish except for FRESH CURRY LEAVES. I can't find them here in Montrรฉal. I have the dried variety but it simply is not the same. I can even buy hing at a local store but I can't find fresh curry leaves. I really want to make this dish because I love cabbage. Is there a substitute?

  7. So I purchased the Fresh Curry Leaves 1 Oz.
    by Cado's Kitchen that you recommended. Can you tell me how to store these for future use? I lost my first batch. Trying to preserve the second batch? Thank you.

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