Prepping for Ketosis

Hello my fat adapted family! Here’s MY guide to ketosis. Today’s topic is …



  1. Was curious to know how Mum is getting on? I did ten weeks of the 800 cal diet and followed with Keto (well lazy Keto) and have been able to bin my diabetes meds. Also what is the point of the fat bombs, is it just a filling snack? :0) x

  2. Important medical factor: make sure your kidney function is ok before you start. A ketogenic diet will absolutely make your kidneys work a little harder. If you have no extant issues, this will not be a problem. But it's a good idea to check. In doing so, do not take any notice of your GP if they obviously know nothing about ketogenic lifestyles. Tell them you're doing it and why and ask them to get relevant pathology done. It's rarely an issue but you need to know before you start.

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