Professor Debunks Atkins / Keto Diet

Dean Ornish weighs in on the low carb diet. Also included are some clips from his debate with Dr. Atkins. — ☆ SUPPORT OUR WORK BY MAKING A …



  1. This is such bs in Mexico in the sixties it was almost impossible to see a fat person. That's with them eating lots of meats and fats they loved.they also lived long lives my uncle's all but a few lived to there 90's. Had lots of fatty foods it's sad that now they eat all the process foods we eat here and now they are one of the fatest country in the world. A lot of there kids have died in there 50's from heart disease thanks to the s.a.d diet

    If you don't believe me look up videos from that area on YouTube and compare them to this time period

  2. You vegans always come off as miserable little pricks, while bacon eaters are happy. You should be beholding to us meat eaters. We eat that which eats your food.

  3. I'm a vegan who does keto, I have PCOS and underactive thyroid which results in being insulin resistant and i had a fatty liver (not anymore) in a year I've been doing keto not only have I lost weight which never worked being a carb vegan but no more brain fog, I'm no longer pre diabetic and my blood sugar levels are healthy, my bloodwork is better than before, I eat healthy oils, coconut, olive oil, my body runs healthier on vegan keto than carb vegan, no more brain fog, cutting out bread, pasta etc has really worked and I bake with almond and coconut flour which is low carb. I would never go back to so called normal carb eating. Different ways of eating suit different people especially those with insulin resistance, you Also don't need meat and dairy to be keto even though meat eaters say you do, I have a blood and ketone meter and my blood are always around 4.4mmol and ketones 1.5-2.5mmol, my body prefers fat as fuel.

  4. Oh ? saturated fat doesnt clog arteries, nor cholesterol.. this vegan people are aftaid of the 2 substances. But saturated fat doesnt oxidize, hydrogenize or free «radicalize». The fat that does that, is polyunsaturated fat. Bc it is many bonds that is threatend of oxidation, and the two latter. Any heat on that, your in trouble. Cholesterol is a substance of no concern, according to ADA in 2017. It only gets dangerous when the cholesterol is oxidized, then free radicals is let «in». Cholesterol is a must, if we dont have it we die. Its trying to help us, when we get a wound, then the cholesterol is on it, to repair the wound..

  5. Keto saved my life. I have lost 105 lbs. My labs are good and I feel great. I have tried more diets than I can count. Keto was the easiest and most satisfying. I lost all the weight without stepping foot in the gym. I have never lost weight without going to the gym before.

  6. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever seen. OF COURSE they will tell you this shit. I have seen COUNTLESS people GET HEALTHY from eating a ketogenic diet….as in they come off numerous pharmaceutical drugs, they come off of insulin, their blood pressure returns to normal, their cholesterol returns to normal, skin disorders gone, depression gone, joint pain gone, OBESITY GONE and the list goes on. Also Atkins is not the same thing as Keto. Keto is not a "fad diet". It's just people eating the way we were meant to eat and the way humans DID eat for millions of years before agriculture and processed foods were around. And btw…Adkins died from a traumatic brain injury NOT a heart attack. Either do your OWN research and try it out for yourself or shut the fuck up. There are MANY doctors who will tell you that Keto is THE healthiest way to eat and more doctors coming forward all the time. These are the ones that actually give a shit about the health of people instead and not trying to make a killing off of office visits and prescribed pharmaceuticals. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

  7. What studies show that a nutritionally formulated ketogenic diet clogs arteries? Plant based advocates always throw out these bullshit so-called facts with no peer reviewed studies to back them up. A ketogenic diet or high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet is shown to greatly reduce inflammation, the root cause of most all disease including cancer and heart disease. They also greatly reduce insulin secretion which in turn reduces type 2 diabetes, body fat, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, triglycerides and improve cognitive function. I won’t bash a plant based diet because it too is a healthy (as long as it’s predominantly veggies and fruit) diet but considering that so many people are addicted to starchy carbohydrates (which are plant based technically) it’s best for most to stay away from carbohydrates because it can be a slippery slope. I’d like to see one plant based advocate admit that a ketogenic diet or low carb high fat diet is also an alternative and stop demonizing meat for crissakes. If it’s not for you that’s fine but quit with the bullshit data claims and at least look at the peer reviewed studies showing the benefits of a ketogenic diet.

  8. Strong video! Aktins/keto is great for weight loss but doesn't mean it is sustainable or healthy. Whole foods plant based is the way to go! Its ironic how he passed… May he rest in peace.

  9. Most people are unaware of the dangers of the keto diet and the fact that Robert Atkins had a history of heart-related issues. I believe it's our responsibility to help educate others who are behind on this information. I just shared this video to a close friend of mine who started using the keto diet to lose weight.

  10. Keto is the way people have eaten throughout millennium, meats in nature and plants
    and it has never been said that pioneers and settlers in early
    America were unhealthy. Remember there is NO such thing as an
    essential carbohydrate. Dr. Berry has a video about that, case

  11. BS, I am 70 years old, my diabetes is cured, my heart markers are better than they have ever been. I feel SO much better. Keto with intermittent fasting saved my life. Plant based carb diet is not sustainable, makes you hungry and almost killed me. I will always be Keto.

  12. In his first line Ornish claims Atkins died of heart disease which is patently false. He died of complications due to head injury which is on record. Ornsh is jes another typically lying sc*mbag. Constant lying is the only way vegans can advance their agenda

  13. “Debunks” keto???
    That’s a stretch. Looked like he merely gave his opinion.
    I’ve seen many doctors quoting research that shows there’s no link of heart disease to eating fats.
    There are links to sugar.
    I know first hand someone was cured of cancer by the keto diet(at least in part).
    Tripping over the truth: the metabolic theory of cancer.
    This doctor doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  14. A lot of people here talk about fat like it’s the worst thing ever. Y’all read about Ancel Keys’ “Five-country study”. This study pretty much led us down the saturated-fat-is-terrible road.

  15. Omg…I agree with you; however Dr. Atkins did NOT die of heart disease!!!!!!!!!!! He had a fall on the ice and went into a COMA and subsequently DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop with this lie!

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