SHOCKING WHY I STOPPED EATING A VEGAN KETOGENIC DIET As many people became aware of recently is that i had switched to a vegan ketogenic diet …



  1. Its interesting that Vegan Keto negatively affected your sleep so much. It makes sense that a more balanced WFPB vegan diet would be better for you. Why do you consider coconut milk a healthy fat? It is high in saturated fat and lower in antioxidants and vitamins compared to other nuts. Isn't it best to limit saturated fat?

  2. Hey man!! 😁

    Diets are fun arent they? I love challenging myself through something new like that. Can you make a list of your favorite vegan food gains? I saw you threw up a poll yesterday for a new diet; couldn’t you make a custom diet and share that? 🙂


  3. Many times I will eat more carbs in the morning and later in the day as those carbs clear my blood I will have my protein and fat meal so as to not have the fat/carb mixture spiking blood sugar at a high level for hours and hours. Now if I do carbs with a Small amount of fat, no biggy, or if I do a large amount of fat with a Small amount of carbs, no biggy. But if doing Large amount of fat with Large amount of carbs It feels not optimal to me, based on experience, something feels off. Like in the past if I did some cream with a couple of apples, I felt fine. But if I did that cream with say 4 apples, didn't feel as good energy wise. Thats Not vegan and not the best food combo as well but simply illustrating the effects of carb/fat combos on My particular system at that time. Again though it's all about listening to our individual body's moment to moment as well as long term to see whats optimal or not for US. Food combining in general is another factor that can make or break thriving on any diet, Vegan or otherwise, and once again comes down to deeper listening to our body's signals. People often ignore their body's signs and signals in favor of dogma or idealism. I used to do it a lot myself!!!

  4. Ah, if you had continued, you would have loved it! ;). It takes weeks to get your body fat adopted. You may feel very out of sorts a lot in the beginning. Especially since you were on low fat. So yes you had to take fat digestive enzymes as your bile isn’t as strong, and other supplements to help the Keto flu. It’s quite the anti-aging diet. Great for high performance. Great for people with insulin resistance / sugar issues (which seems like 80% of folks), any mental / emotional issues, weight issues (fantastic for that)… For thousands of years we stayed in ketosis quite often and burned fat as fuel. Seems like that’s the optimal for our bodies. And then after about 2-3 months – making sure you stay mostly in ketosis, you can start carb cycling. Then it becomes more fun ;).
    And yeah you’ve to be quite creative with nuts and seeds etc to get high enough fats.
    Anyhoo, love your channel!

  5. don't do a vegetable police ' try every diet and keep messing with the balance of the body and end up eating meat because you messed up your body too much with the experiments'

  6. Many dietary changes will give the impression of boosted energy at first. With keto, the liver wants to store about 150 grams of glycogen; another 350 grams in muscle and about 20 (or so) grams in circulation – we can only store around 500 grams of carbohydrate in the body, which carries three times its weight in water. When the liver gets low on glycogen (as with ketosis) our stress hormones go up. Also, the liver needs glucose to convert inactive thyroid hormone to the active form (T4-T3) and low T3 activates the sympathetic nervous system as well as the "fight or flight" hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine, giving the person the feeling of increased energy. This is not only common phenomena in the ketogenic diet, but any dietary change can cause a stress response as the body seeks metabolic homeostasis. Rabid population shifts of gut flora species will also drastically change our stress balance temporarily. This is one of the main reasons why people change their diet and immediately feel better. As their body establishes an equilibrium on the new diet, they find themselves eternally chasing that, initial, several weeks of high.

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