Should I Do Keto With Hypoglycemia?

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  1. I know for a fact that you have practically saved my best friends' life! She is extremely hypoglycemic and had lots of bad crashes prior to following this kind of diet. It was very difficult for her to lose weight after it was gained from being injured and not active. She has lost weight in a way she has been unable to with anything else! I am so grateful to you, as I want my best friend around as long as possible! ❤❤
    Oh…and she has weaned herself from most medications she was on and feels great!

  2. So I’ve been doing intermittent fasting 20-4 or 24-1 for about 5 months now I’ve lost 62 lbs I’m 198 now. I used to have high blood pressure now it’s 115 but I have a question. So just an example of one of my meals would be like a salad with 8oz of grass fed ground beef with maybe 7 cups of spinach with an avacado maybe 1 oz of Pico and 1 oz of organic cheddar cheese + 2 oz of sour cream, I might add some grass fed butter to it and put salt and pepper on. My brother is getting really interested in carnivore he’s been watching frank tufanos videos etc, so he’s telling me spinach is bad and I should stay away from it. He says it’s really high in oxilates and anti nutrients that would prevent me from absorbing all the potassium anyway. I also eat broccoli and asparagus a lot but if not spinach as a base for a salad what should I eat for leafy greens ? Is spinach bad?

  3. I’m a distance runner on keto. I typically run fasted for at least 20 hours. About after 4 hours of nonstop running, I start getting dizzy. Glucose check shows that my level is very low. I’d love stay fasted and avoid carbs during my ultras. Is this expected?

  4. When I did keto Id get low bl sugar. I was out at the grocery store. Had to lay down on the bench and eat melba toast and pray Id feel better. I turn white and almost pass out. It would hit so fast

  5. I need Dr.Berg to answer 1-2 question or maybe even do a video on it, otherwise i may have to quit both Intermittent Fasting & Ketos and have to unsubscribe from this channel. Question 1 am i ruining my kidneys or any other organs doing Keto and my second more important question is….Will Intermittent Fasting or Keto cause Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome or issues in an otherwise healthy person? For instance will my body stop producing normal amounts of insulin
    if i do this long enough, will i damage Pancreas,livers,etc… Super nervous about long term damage, there are some videos on youtube and articles with published studies on the subject.

  6. I've had hypoglycemia for 30 years and cannot go skip meals without my blood sugar plummeting into the 30s. I have been on a low sugar/high protein diet for most of my adult life, so I don't think my diet is the issue in my case and wouldn't want to try keto since driving a car when my blood sugar is so low is like driving drunk.

  7. Hello dr. Berg, could you please make a video about vitamins and minerals? Which ones do the average person need and how much per day? And what are the sources of them.

  8. Please don't hate me, but I check the info part of the video and this gentleman is not an actual medical doctor. He has a PhD which gives him the right to use "Dr" as his title. Just like a college professor who has a PhD can be refer as Doctor.

  9. i did a Insulin resistance test and my blood sugar normal at the fasting state is 87 mg/dl..after 1 hour of drinking glucose my bloodsugar actually went down to 75 mg/dl and after 2 hour it went down to 50 mg/dl..does this mean i have Hypoglycemia?? because my doctor said there is not a problem if it doesnt go down less then 45

  10. With you reading those so called medical experts, is it any wonder the country i live in is going through an obesity epidemic. The system does not want this problem eradicated as it is too much of an earner for all.

  11. dr.Berg whomever wrote this in that book you were reading needs to go to jail. Did they even pay attention in medical school. Eating what I want as a diabetic would have me starring on "My 600 pound life".

  12. Dr. Berg. I'm diabetic and have no gallbladder. I'm trying keto but it isn't working for me. I'm actually gaining. Am I having to much fat or am doing something wrong. And I'm not taking any meds for my diabetes, as long I watch what I eat and do walking ( not able to do too much exercises bad knees and a hip).
    Thank you

  13. Dr Berg pelas reply to my question. I am no doing keto for weight loss but to control pain and before keto my sugar was very normal like 80 to 83 but now on keto I fell like I am going to die if I don't eat every few hour and my heart feel like is going to jump out of my chest.
    I am 6 weeks in and the last few days a feel very week and my heart palpitations are worse.
    How do I keep my blood sugar stable while on keto?

  14. Great video (as usual) Please point out that the red blood cells you show in the little video of the arteries are flat because they are unhealthy. Healthy red blood cells are round. Yes I know they are always shown to be flat in videos and images but that is because the medics are only used to seeing unhealthy red blood cells so they think that is normal.

  15. It took almost a year for things to sort out for me while on Keto. Now my blood sugars have normalized, I have great energy, and sleep through the night without having to get up several times to empty the bladder. Patience is the most important part to this eating plan. It did not take us overnight to get where we were prior to starting healthy Keto, therefore it will not be overnight for us to reach our goals – first to get healthy, and then to lose weight. My advice from experience – don't give up. Your life depends on it.

  16. The problem is when you are type 1 on IF, and then suddenly you have hypoglycemia in the middle of the night because of lantus. Or your blood sugar spikes ex:160, you correct it with just 1 unit and hours later you have hypoglycemia again…I feel a insulin sensitivity after a while in IF. But in the morning kind of resistence, because the body spykes blood sugar cause of sugars storaged in the liver…and I believe because of GH as well, maybe a high level of it spikes blood sugar. All I know It's very hard to be a type 1 in ketosis and IF. But we will keep going, always adjusting and learning from the previous errors. Congrats for you work, DR. Here in Brazil It's difficult to find someone like you.

  17. I was a very thin kid who often fainted (with dizziness/blackout) in school. I would be given fruit juice & the school would call my parents to bring me home, because my bp was so low. This even happened in hs & as an adult. I stayed away from fasting & bought into the grazing throughout the day, because of this past medical history. Keto & Intermittent Fasting have been real game changers for me!!

  18. P.S.
    It’s been a week since I eliminated most carbs from my diet…I drink coffee with 12 g of sugar in the morning and consume rye-bread sometimes.I fainted today in front of asian tourists and still feeling embarrassed.I hate hypoglycemia!!!But I can’t stand sweets now ,excess sugar makes me nauseous…won’t give up eating low carb!

  19. Dr. Berg, what I cannot believe is that you never talk about hypoglycemia WHILE TRANSITIONING from sugar to fat burning.
    You cannot just say on a youtube clip " oh just drop the carbs ".

    Do you understand that the vast majority of people on this earth at the moment are burning sugar? Many people's bodies
    are so used to sugar as a fuel that they cannot just drop the carbs ASAP. They need to decrease them gradually and increase
    the fat. Hypoglycemia is a life-threatening condition. There are many many people that don't have diabetes or any insulin
    problems and still need time and effort to transition to fat burning. Hypoglycemia is the biggest problem that can
    happen during the transition and this needs to be pointed out to people. Especially on a four minute video.
    I speak from experience. I had to gradually over a period of 20 days decrease the carbohydrate and increase the
    fat because when I tried to drop the carbs ASAP, the result was that I almost fainted.

    So you have a huge channel and you reach millions of people and I think that you need to educate people about anything
    that can possibly go wrong with the changes you propose. In my view , you left out something that is a really dangerous
    I know that you mean well and that you just want to help people, this is me just pointing out something from

    experience so that people will be more careful during transition, especially those whose body's fat burning
    machinery is dormant.

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