The Kerrygold Butter Controversy

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  1. I love Dry Far Wines. I never have a hangover. I'm sure the alcohol will kick you out of ketosis because the liver prioritizes the removal of alcohol from your body. Busy work! Then back into ketosis! I got my Keto Mojo out so I should test this… right now! 😉

  2. From what I’ve seen of ‘standard’ American butter it’s a ‘light-cream’ colour – I have never seen that light colour butter anywhere else. Eg all Aussie and NZ butter is bright yellow/gold as the dairy cows eat grass in fields – though fed some hay/grain whilst on the milking machine.

  3. Hey Jason love your videos! I have seen a butter called pasture-raised from vital farms. And they are in Austin tx. Maybe you can check them out. Best wishes from Arlington tx to you and your family including the little keto bun in the oven!

  4. I am glad you made it to the Lone Star State. We need more people like you. People that do not blame others for their problems, asking people to look in the mirror to check themselves and are willing to improve themselves one puddle of sweat at a time! Cheers from Houston! You can tell Chef, is actually a chef at 7:19 by the scars on his forearms(fifteen years past experience in the restaurant industry). Good stuff, fellas. Keep the honest, hard working material coming!

  5. Wow i have been off of keto for 3 months now. after doing it for 9 months stright not going to lie ketochefmax has me ready to start again with all these meals i keep seeing him make! I will be in austin in oct !!

  6. You know what, it's super easy to make butter.. Cream and salt into a food processor for a few minutes then squeeze out the liquid and use it to marinate your chickens before frying so nothing is wasted. I did wonder what was going on because kerrygold disappeared from our UK shops for a while. Molly is blowing kisses for Paxton 🙂

  7. Great video, I came back to get the keto mojo code but you didn't have it listed. The strips were on sale today so I got them anyway. Did you try the wine? I'm interested to see how it tastes and if it spiked your insulin. You should do a taste test with the wine and text your ketones. Keep the videos coming and stay down to earth.

  8. Always enjoy watching your videos and I’m glad you are now in Texas. Just wanted to give you a heads up, most restaurants add pancake batter in their omelette to make them fluffy and stay together. So I would ask or just order it with shelled eggs just to make sure you’re not getting added carbs to your breakfast. I worked at a breakfast restaurant for many years that’s why I’m giving you a heads up.

  9. really quick and random question… huge music nerd here as well… what is the song at the beginning of this video? LOL…. Shazam will not find it….. GREAT video as always man.

  10. My aunt has a step daughter and it’s carley I hope jason see’s this because my aunts step daughter is CARLEY WRITTROCK My aunt’s name is Christine Colborne and I think Jason is my step grand uncle I’m not really sure I am Christine Colborne‘s niece so I’m guessing that I’m related to Carly and Jason writtrock🤗

  11. there's organic pasture raised butter like organic valley or horizon. there's no such thing as 100% grass fed anything. they are all given feed at some point. the organic ones are given organic feed though so it doesn't have chemicals in it.

  12. If you want a quality grass fed year round butter product, switch to Finlandia.  It tastes amazing and is about the same price you pay for Kerrygold.  Kerrygold is still probably 100 times better than cheap ass grain  butter, but if you want to do the switch, just try it.

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