The Keto Answers Podcast 037: Going From Vegetarian to Keto to Carnivore – Vanessa Spina

The Ketogenic Girl, Vanessa Spina, wasn’t always on a high-protein carnivore diet. She actually spent most of her life as a vegetarian. So what changed for her?



  1. I was wondering how thus diet effects people who are not insulin sensitive i have not been able to get into ketosis trying this diet i was just wondering what your opinion is for people who are severely insulin resistant thank you

  2. I've got this odd thing that I think that I can smell things much better after about 3 full weeks on Carnivore. I have recently been smelling either a maple syrup sweet caramel odour and today all day a vegetative fruity smell and it's prevalent all the time. I originally thought that I'm smelling ketones from my own breath, it's from my nasal passage. I can't smell it on my breath.

    Has anyone else experienced the same? What could possibly be the cause for this?

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