The Magic Pill Debunked by Nutritionist | The Truth About Keto Diets

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  1. I majored in something also. Psychology. The school I went to was called "the school of hard knocks". I learned a lot about how to deal with narcissists. On a different subject….watch Charlotte Gerson on YouTube for excellent health info. I MUST SAY….THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO. 👍

  2. The ketogenic diet is relatively new concept so more research is needed. However from biochemical point of view it makes sense as almost every cell in our body can use ketons as the source of energy. We can live without carbohydrates but need protein and fats . when you look at natural produces they contain very little carbs in comparison to other macro nutrients. Agriculture produced more carb dense food then we processed it to junk.

  3. There is such substantial evidence for a whole food vegan diet, that I keep wondering why there is any controversy about diet any more. But humans are delusional and superstitious, and most of us have eaten a lot of meat since childhood, so we are "meat muslims"….inculcated from day one into an irrational food religion.

  4. I will listen to my endocrinologist rather than a nutritionist… 90% percent of my pain, symptoms and inflammation have all practically disappeared… Also my once depleted vitamin stores have been restored. Sooooo…

  5. Wow! First of all do you want to take dietary advice from an overweight doctor? And someone needs to tell Bananiac that glucose is NOT the primary fuel source for human beings. Where was the glucose source for early humans? Our DNA as a species has not changed in almost 50,000 years, so prior to the agricultural revolution, where did we get glucose from? Fruits, but only in season. Where did the Inuit and Eskimo cultures get glucose from?? This guy doesn't understand human history. The human body runs FAR more efficiently on fats and ketones. You can eat some carbohydrates in the form of vegetables, and that is all you need. Burning a molecule of glucose results in only 36 ATP out of the mitochondria of the cell. Burning long-chain fatty acids results in 155 ATP. And when we have our bodies burn adipose tissue (body fat) that is burning triglycerides. That is one glycerol molecule attached to 3 fatty acids. Then we are burning 3x 155= 465 ATP. How does that compare to the measley 36 ATP from glucose. No wonder people who eat a lot of carbs are EXHAUSTED all the time. I'll take the Paleo/Keto diet any day and I teach this to my patients and students. Dr. Chrystyne Olivieri, DNP, FNP-BC, CDE (yes, that's a doctorate degree).

  6. Simple question , why is most every fruit and vegetable today completely manufactured and developed for taste? Nothing about most of them is occurring naturally today . Whereas , sea food ,wild game , some berries and honey are all part of a natural food chain if left undisturbed. We humans are slowly sawing off the limb that we are perched on .

  7. Your arguments abouts male and female are based in the patriarchy beliefs. Women with babies could hunt, and do more than males, so it doesn't make sense. And we don't need sugar to survive, we can metabolize fat. I agree only that I don't find right an 80% of fat, must be much less. The base of pyramid should be vegetables, but meat in the middle.

  8. Keto is not eliminating carbs and it's not bad for you (misleading and uninformed), its eliminating sugar and high carb foods like pasta, rice, bread and so forth that are bad for you if consumed in higher amounts cause it turns to glucose. I get all my carbs from vegetables and my fat from healthy dairy foods, olive oil, coconut oil. I dont eat just meat, you dont have to. It's better to have a balance of burning good carbs as well as fat for energy. You dont want too much carbs cause you'll crash, plus fat burns better then carbs with no crash. Keto is not cutting carbs out of your diet it's just cutting sugar out (You dont need sugar).

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