“The TRUTH About Ketogenic Diet” What A REAL Doctor Has To Say (Dr Dominic D’agostino))

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  1. Best interview to Dom I’ve seen! Thanks a lot Brandon. Your questions show that you are a very smart person. I only need to know about how much calories in number to bulk. I am eating 4.000 kcal/day (about 370 gr of fat). But I don’t know if it’s too much. I hardly gain muscle because of my genetics. But thanks again for this awesome interview!

  2. It's a bad idea to wrap your identity up in any specific protocol because if you have any problems with it or want to change it for any reason, you have to change your identity. It's a bad situation to be in. Better to promote values or ideals, because those rarely change. Such as health, fitness, rippedness.

  3. Before agriculture, the human diet barely ate food that spiked blood sugar like todays modern foods.

    For the vast majority, reducing sugar and low fibre carbs is deeply beneficial because it more closely resembles how homosapiens ate for 2.5M yrs.

  4. 2 hours with Dom, thank you so much. If I eat alot, I can go the whole next day without food. I noticed when I went from 4-5 cups of coffee down to 3-4, I feel content and in the zone. I haven't had MCT for a couple months, Dom has talked me into using a small amount. Cheers!

  5. But your constipated severely. The longest I've eaten a keto diet was there weeks. In that 3 weeks I had about 6 bowel movements. Relying on fiber supplements is unrealistic. A healthy person has 1 bowel movement for every meal they eat. Elimination is the single most important thing to your health. Plus there's our teeth. Humans don't have teeth to eat and tear flesh. We have grinding teeth like primates and elephants. Some primaries eat meat here & there but there is not a single species of primate that lives on a keto diet. A low fat , high fiber diet is the healthiest diet. The Okinawa diet basically. The Okinawaians are the longest lived most healthy people on earth. Although Okinawa has never produced a Mr. Olympia or Mr. Universe. I guess the Okinawaians don't know shit.

  6. IMO a ketogenic diet is great, especially when used temporarily (3-6 months of the year). The rest of the time Mediterranean style diet, high in low carb veggies, some starches in limited amounts, lots of monounsaturated fats, moderate protein (30g-60g) per meal) and some saturated fats
    Keto once again is great, but I don’t think we need to be on it 100% of the time, but that being said it would be especially useful in winter and when we require that laser focus

  7. Wouldn't doing carb refeed days once or twice per week be terrible for muscle growth? Because it takes about 24 hours or more for the average person to get back into ketosis, but until then once your glycogen stores run low your body will have to rely on gluconeogenesis, essentially cannibalizing on your own muscles for energy until ketosis finally kicks in. You may still have overall net muscle growth at the end of the week assuming you have a proper workout regimen and rest, but you're really handicapping yourself. All scientific studies I've seen prove this when comparing HCLF vs Keto and even Keto vs Cyclic Keto for muscle growth. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm genuinely curious.

  8. I ate 3slices of naturally cured bacon cooked slow and 2 egg yolk and 1 whole egg. had Kerrygold butter and the bacon fat. I had 2 cups of tea. I tea bag of stash green tea and 1 fat burning tea bag. with stevia.  I can go without eating all day and i like eating veggies. what causes a person to gain weight while on it?

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