The TRUTH About The KETOGENIC Diet | Benefits and Dangers

In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey is responding to the abundant backlash she received on Youtube from her last keto diet video with her friend and …



  1. It is the only diet I have been able to maintain beyond my usual 4week-failure mark. I am never constipated because I eat shitloads of salads and berries. I even drink alcohol. What part of that is restrictive or hard? Girl, please.

  2. And your brain cannot use ketones as energy! As it cannot pass the blood brain barrier. Your brain needs sugar to function. So some carbs are necessary to maintain this diet long term.

  3. You eat plenty of fruit and veg on a keto diet, just the low carb super low GI ones. Mostly fats doesn’t mean you over indulge in fat, it means you have a reasonable amount of calories and most of those calories should come from fat. Which can be from animal and plant fats.

    You have plenty of fibre, nuts seeds, veg and fruit. Keto bread is made from either almond or coconut flour.

  4. I don’t understand why people think keto is restrictive. There are soooo many carb alternatives (fathead dough for pizza, as an example). You get to eat all the meat, lots of greens, nuts/seeds (in moderation), berries, and most importantly CHEESE 😊

    Also, I get you’re a dietitian, but my doctor recommended this way of eating for the specific purpose of weight loss and reducing my blood sugar. Guess what? Not only have I lost 47lb since last September, but I also was able to get my triglycerides and A1c down to normal ranges. 14lb water, only 2lb muscle, and the rest of the loss was fat (measured by my physician, not some janky scale at home).

    I totally get keto isn’t for everyone, just like a low fat diet isn’t. I tried a low fat diet for years by just “eating less,” and that didn’t work the 8-10 times I tried. It just wasn’t sustainable for me. I was always hungry. Keto is sustainable. I’m still eating delicious foods, but I’m not constantly hungry for the first time in my life.

  5. A lot of these comments are actually very scary. People cannot honestly believe that because they read something on the internet that it must be true and because they did said Google 'research' then they must know more than a trained dietitian. Like.. what? Or, that because it is working for them then it must be the greatest diet ever and will work for every single other person out there. Seriously.. like seriously, people cannot be this gullible. I have to admit.. I lost a little bit of faith in humanity after reading through this comment section :/

  6. I do not understand why people keep getting on board with these rigid fads. Eating a decent diet is not rocket science nor does it need to be this difficult.

  7. I realize you feel Keto can be dangerous for majority of the population but what about for special circumstances? Keto has been used with some notable success for patients with things like epilepsy and PCOS with insulin resistance. I’d love to seen your views on the diet in that context.

  8. cause it's just soooo hard not to eat potatoes or bread. I found this to be the easiest diet I've ever followed. Carbs and sugar are addictive. I'm laughing at how full of shit you are and how little research you did.

  9. You are an idiot. Your generalizations and misinformation clearly demonstrate your absolute lack of any medical background. You shouldn't be trying to pass yourself off as an expert.

  10. I am on a keto diet …i have found that it is good for imflamation ( i have severe arthritus)@ restricting carbs has totally reduced my appetite now i am fat addapted also energy @ memory are much improved the point were my husband thinks its not me ..and ive been abducted by aliens !!! So i can only say this way of eating is for me now ive cut out all sugar @ wheat @ have never felt better my digestion is good i do take a strong probiotic @ eletrolite powder because your bodies gets rid of water …so to finish …i would say thumbs up for keto …

  11. The Keto diet is a life changer. I've lost weight, reduced blood sugar spikes and never felt better. There are tons of low carb alternatives. Most vegetables, greens are encouraged. As for fruits, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries are all fine.

  12. Some of this is good information, but there is one thing I will counter. While it’s true that glucose triggers an insulin response in both adipose tissue and muscle cells, there is an alternate pathway in muscle that triggers the GLUT4 translocation, and that through increased muscle activity. Additionally, I’m only aware of only glucose entering through the GLUT4 transporter, but amino acids use a different pathway to enter cells. As a matter of fact, some studies suggest that high protein has an additive effect with insulin.

    In short, you can have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels just by increasing your activity level throughout the week.

  13. It's a disgusting diet. I never felt like I was slowly dieing everyday then on this diet. Ya I lost weight 17 lbs in 22 weeks. Not normal at all. After three days I found it disgusting to choke down all the fat on this diet. My breath was horrible and the spasims in my back haven't stopped. I couldn't walk up the stairs to my apartment more less work out with this diet. I couldn't think straight and wasent acting like myself and everyone noticed. I'm normally a happy go lucky person most of the time. Well that's pretty hard when you are nauseous and exhausted. I know people have strong feelings about this diet and I'm not here to bash it. It just didn't work for me . Thanks for the video and I agree with you 100% .

  14. First, I feel bad that so many people have opinions and debate things with bad knowledge into the science. Dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, osteopathic docs, etc.. it goes on and on.

    If you actually want to understand how and why this keto diet, or even a low carb diet works, or even how a low fat diet could work…you need to actually understand some biochemistry. Real biochemistry. and then, clinical lipidology, endocrinology, the microbiome, and then physics as well.


    1) physics: because here you actually learn what a calorie is. and how it is "not really used" in the body, and how "burning calories" doesn't even make any logical sense. A calories, for basics here, is a measure of a energy released from a chemical reaction. it was ported over to nutrition science.. which unfortunately isn't really a "science", rather a travesty of epidemiological field research – every so often gathering the right data…but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    and there's more to it. the laws of thermodynamics and its interaction in biochemistry is quite different. merely talking about weight loss in the space of calorie reduction for example, which was a huge area in the nutrition field discussing weight gain/losses, isn't quite the picture.

    This leads into the need to understand biochemistry, and endocrinology

    2) interestingly, you can eat 1000 calories of fat… and seriously lose weight. why?
    because of how the body interacts with these substances.its doesn't speak the language of "calories" (though calories have given us a mechanistic way of understanding and provided general measurements); the human body speaks in hormones. This is the reason why for example birth control works.
    because of the hormones.
    this is why if you just eat 1000+calories of fat, and restrict your intake to other essential nutrients, you will lose weight.
    and yes, you will keep it off.
    why? because of the way hormones interact

    Cholecystokinin, hormone sensitive lipase, amylase, insulin, cortisol, leptin, ghrelin, TSH, free T4, reverse T3, and many others including other biochemical substrates and enzymes. these hormones are affected first and foremost, by chemistry. not calories.

    and this leads into the research into clinical lipidology and eventually back to physics.

    3) they are all interrelated. The complexity of this topic is huge.
    and it's quite silly to see a nutritionist or some other person who thinks they understand how this works – go about trying to explain why and how the body either loses weight or gains it.

    its truly silly.

    you DO NEED to understand some basics in physics (that's correct, basic physics equations like F=ma, and things like v=d/t etc, to put it all together)

    ultimately the way your hormones adjust to your bodies demands, is tells you if you are going to gain weight or lose weight. if you are going to store fat, or lose fat, if you are going to put on muscle or lose muscle. calories in their basic understanding, comes into play much much later.

    the calories area is overly touted as the wt loss quotient, but its barely scratches the surface.

    The body loses weight in slightly different ways depending on how you go about it.
    if your basic goal is weight loss, the the quickest way to do it is a very low carb high fat diet. BUT that fat eventually needs to be tapered down. Eventually. and there's a reason for that.

    if you want weight loss while eating carbs, then a low calorie approach is fine.

    each has its advantages and disadvantages. Neither is the ultimate diet for all. and none truly work if one is not getting their daily requirement for vitamins and minerals/ and other essential nutrients.

    However, the very low carb high fat diet, tends to have better overall health markers than a low calorie diet for weight loss in the longer term.

    AND that will lead to a study on clinical lipidology

    4) where one will learn about cholesterol and its many fractionations. its complex role in human physiology. its misunderstanding, in that high cholesterol is always bad…(not quite…high remnant cholesterol is bad), and much much more…

    5) and oh, things like "high blood pressure", and cholesterol..saturated fats…
    small example here. if you drop carbs, and you drop the water molecules attached to glycogen. what do you think happens to your pressure?

    yes. its goes down. correct you can reduce your bp meds.
    then wait, if you drop your pressure…and you lose water weight, don't you lose salts?

    salt is essential to life. and correct, we don't make it.
    so yeah, that requirement for salt?…it goes up.

    many people do many diets incorrectly because they want simple answers to complex topics

    And there's no easy way around this.

    6) and then there's the microbiome. and this area is still emerging. Buts its science is compelling. how weight loss is affected by the microbiota, makes everything you know, become even more complex.

    so No, you don't lose weight from mere calories.
    that's what you may think you're doing….but your body is having a town-hall hormonal debate.

  15. Oh and one other thing here
    muscle loss
    so apparently according to this nutritionist or dietician
    no carbs = no insulin
    so no protein gets into the cell

    are you sure?

    that's funny.

    1) chemistry 101
    protein is insulinogenic
    specific amino acids are more insulinogenic than others.
    These are facts. not pseudoscience.
    this is how the protein gets into the cells

    2)the minimum carbohydrate requirement for sustaining life = 0. that's right a big fat zero.
    because your liver synthesizes glucose when you are eating the right amount of proteins and fats.

    That's right. glucose, is quite essential to life. so much so, we can make it.

    3) are all carbs bad?
    carbohydrates play a role as a macronutrient in many ways; one is increasing the insulin response and thereby increasing the sustained amino acid sequestering into cells.

    Yes this is good.

    but can also be bad when you have prolonged exposure to high glycemic carbohydrates.
    Oh, that includes excess fruit.

    3) what exactly is excess?
    well, its when you're not using up that readily available sugar

    -see you're body makes what glucose it needs. putting more of it into the body means there's a potential surplus. I say potential here, because, depending on your biochemical demands, the some extra glucose can feed the microbiome, some increase the potential for muscle growth, and so forth.

    – but if you're sitting on a couch and tv watching tv. those extra carbs, there go your triglycerides shooting up.

  16. Good God, people — women in particular — have become absolutely insane around food. Eat a wide variety; eat what's in season; eat in moderation. Could anything be simpler? Anything with "diet" in the name is for gullible morons. Keep up the good work, Abbey.

  17. There is so much misinformation here ! Carbs are not even necessary as a food group . There are essential amino acids , those are your proteins . There are essential fatty acids , those are your fats . You don’t get those , you get sick and die . There is no such thing as an essential carb . Eating Keto basically means going back to our human roots , what did our forefathers eat 50000 years ago ? They ate the meat of the animals they brought down and the edible plants they could find . When are people going to realize that Keto is what humans are supposed to eat ? You stick with the old model for weight loss like eat less and exercise more , you won’t sustain it , because you will always be hungry . Never happens with Keto , because you never count calories , you eat until you are full ! Keto on , my Keto brothers and sisters , Keto saved my life !

  18. I could give a flip what anyone other than myself eats. If ur vegan great, if u do keto great, mostly vegetarian? Wonderful. Fruitarian? Kudos! U think I'm gonna get mad at what someone else eats? I have more pressing things to deal with in my life, like MY health & happiness. Sheesh 🙄

  19. Again, stupid and ignorant. Thank God you're there to "break it down" for the rest of us dummies. Not a damn clue! By the way, what was name of the article you read about keto? You are doing your subscribers a disservice with your uninformed opinions. FYI keto 3 yrs, lost 120 lbs, 53yrs old, kept the weight off, unbelievable cognition and energy, after getting set up, easiest sustainable lifestyle change I've ever made. Cleared up all my skin issues, never feel hungry, I eat once a day, economical and time saving benefits are astronomical…..etc etc etc……you want to stay in Neanderthal mode, just keep sucking up those GMO, pesticide sprayed carbs your government subsidises to keep you fed and stupid 6 times a day!

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