#ThrowbackThursday: Ultimate Ketosis Food Guide

Keto Food Guide: https://bozmd.com/product/quality-eating-guide/ Thanks for tuning into my channel. BOOK-LINK – ANYWAY YOU CAN. AUDIBLE: …



  1. I am going to have your book shipped to my sister in law, who was diagnosed with breast and uterine cancer about 2 weeks ago. I've been trying to figure out how to talk to her about keto, but she has been told by a friend that keto will kill her. Hopefully she connects with your story and grandma Rose. I lost my mom to an 8 year cancer battle, I'd rather not lose anyone else to cancer! Here is the food guide I use. http://ketosisroadmap.com/ketosis-roadmap-food-guide/

  2. Just finished reading the book. It was an easy read because of her down to earth way of presenting what could be complex material.
    I have been on and off keto off for 2 years and subscribe to many Keto YouTube channels. Dr. Boz has a way of putting things in her book and videos that make it stick in the brain. Of course the way the book is woven together with GrandMa Rose puts things on a very personnel level. A work of love for her mother and patients, but it also extends out to everyone.

    Many doctors are not willing to even investigate anything outside what was learned in college and what pharmacy reps tell them. One of my clients that is a doctor, told me in confidence that he was ashamed of what his profession has become. He said all of his vacations are paid for, breakfast, lunch and many evening meals are all taken care of by big Pharma. He said he feels like a pimp for the drug industry.
    Thanks Dr. Boz for your bravery and commitment. What a scary profession that kills people daily via ignorance and ego.

  3. Look I don’t understand. I follow your suggestions I fast for 10 to 14 every day and my glucose keeps spiking it’s hard because you don’t answer questions and if you do answer 1 then you never continue with the answer you stop so what good is it putting videos out of you can’t reply adequately to your followers. I’m struggling with this I’m just tired of getting up at night because I have a spike and can’t sleep so this morning I had to take my Glipicide I asked you before if I should keep taking my Glipicide and Metformin during the fasting but again you dint answer. That is wrong I don’t think you can answer that many questions on YouTube and hold a regular job.

  4. You can’t empower anybody, (that is your ego ) but yourself . You are a wayshower. Power only comes from within the person you assist. Love your videos except for the unconscious statement. Many blessings.

  5. I am so glad I found Dr Boz! I am LCHF/Keto for 6 months no meds, bs controlled after a few weeks and I have lost over 50 lbs so far. I watch youtube all the time and it's a great resource for T2 info and low carb. But! I only found Dr. Boz last night (surprised that it took 6 months to accidentally stuble over her videos), and I love her… wonderful communicator, kind, thoughtful, informative. So happy right now. With these sorts of resources our chances of success are greatly improved. Thank you Dr Boz!

  6. Hi Dr.Boz can you please let us know if fasting can cause cancer to grow? I just saw a video by Siim Land and it was titled the dark side of fasting where he presented a study that fasting can actually cause cancer to get worse as the cell can actually adapt to ketones during the fast. I'm so confused now, is fasting good if you have cancer or not? I've always heard that it will help rid the body of it and now I don't know what to think. Thank you.

  7. Notice the theme here. I gave up sugar, and booze and lost weight. I quit or got fired from a job I realistically could not do, and I got my life back. I jumped out of a frying pan into cool butter, wow my feet stopped burning. Non the less most of your stories have nothing to do with pissing ketones! You are simply following the rules of moderation that your parents taught you, or tried too.
    We try so hard to sell our ideas to others, that we stop caring if the idea is true.

  8. Just started watching your videos. Very informative. 40 yrs old Mexican American from southern California. Wife and I are fasting daily for about 15hrs two meals a day. We want to get rid of the inflammation. I have M.S. currently using a walker to get around. I am hoping for to much sure but less inflammation has got to be good right. Anyway God bless you and keep up the good work. Ernie N. Thanks

  9. Dear Dr. Boz, I kindly ask you to answer my burning question which I have been having for years now and nobody has been able to answer it. In fact, the feeling that I got was that the "keto experts" avoided my questions no matter how often I would ask it. So here is my question: How can you put on a lot of lean muscle mass(to really look ripped) on a keto diet? Hand in hand with that question I would also ask: how is it that all the fitness experts/coaches/personal trainers/bodybuilders, in short, people who make their money looking good in pictures/on camera, recommend eating carbs and also eating 5-6 meals a day? I mean I don't know of anybody who does keto and looks really muscular…..It might be that some athletes do keto for a period of time(to lean down) but never for their entire life. I don't necessarily mean looking like a bodybuilder(even though that would be interesting too), but just looking very good and muscular like the actors in the superhero movies(Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, etc). If you look into all of these people's nutritional regiment, they all had to eat loads of rice or brown rice and other "healthy" carbs. Also, in one of your videos you mentioned that Dwayne Johnson is on a keto diet, the truth is he is not, just look into it again and see all the carbs and especially the cheat meals that he eats during and after filming. Even people like Thomas de Lauer who talks a lot about keto, admits that he has seasons of eating carbs and doing keto. Truth be told, there are a lot of thin people doing keto, but I have not yet seen anyone with a really ripped, muscular, good-looking, muscles-standing-out phisique who eats this way. I have been asking and researching the answer to this question for years and so far nobody(!) has been able to answer it. I would be grateful if you could answer me or if you could talk about this topic in your next video. Many thanks, respectfully. P.S. The reason why I am asking this question is that I would like to take on the keto diet but only if I was able to reach a phisique like I have described earlier, not just look thin without any muscles!

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