Try a New Exercise: Rowing

Try a New Exercise: Rowing

If you are looking to try something new, why not give rowing a try? This can be done indoors or outdoors, either with a rowing machine or actually rowing a boat. If it is a little colder, using a machine is totally fine. Otherwise, outdoor rowing in a boat can also be a great workout. Here are some things to know about this type of exercise.

Indoor Rowing

The first way you can do rowing as an exercise si with a rowing machine. These allow you to practice the rowing exercise and get all the benefits from it without going outside in inclement weather. Many gyms have rowing machines, or you can get one for your own home gym. The machines are low to the ground and have a sliding seat, which allows you to get the natural motion of a rowing boat. You will keep your knees flexed and feet on the footrest, then reach forward, moving your body back and forth on the rowing machine. It is a good low-impact exercise even if you have a bad back or issues with actual outdoor rowing.

Outdoor Rowing

When you want to benefit from being outdoors, there is also outdoor rowing. This does require having a boat and the oars, but it is a great exercise for yourself or to do with others. There are rowing clubs you can join, which is great because you not only get help as a beginner, but can join rowing competitions as well.

Benefits of Rowing Exercise

With both indoor and outdoor rowing exercises, you benefit in a variety of ways. While it uses a lot of your upper body, rowing can also be considered a full-body workout. Your abs and legs are working by keeping your body properly balanced in order to use the indoor rowing machine, as well as to sit in the rowing boat while using your oars. It is an excellent workout when you want to work out your back, abs, chest, and arms. Your neck and shoulders will also be strengthened through rowing. If you choose outdoor rowing, you are able to get vitamin D and sunshine, which provide you with more energy. Some other benefits include weight loss, reduction of stress, a boost in your mood, and better joint health.

Tips For Learning Rowing

Here are some tips to follow when you first start learning how to row:

  • Focus on balancing your body on the boat or machine. You want body sides of your body to have the same amount of support.
  • Drive the boat with your legs, not your arms.
  • Make sure you don’t grip too hard on the handles or boat oars.

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