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Hi there, here is our Keto/Low Carb friendly meal plan and Walmart grocery haul for the week. My meal plan and recipe and/or video links are listed below.



  1. The Thai coconut milk is amazing. I have used it to make Keto Connect's Coconut Cream Pie. The Panino rocks!! Those recipes you picked out look delicious. Top Notch Grocery Haul…

  2. Shelly, I have been following the keto diet for a couple of months now. I am a nurse and have been familiar with it as a therapeutic diet for children with seizures and for diabetics. I just wanted to caution you and your viewers about adding fruit to your water. Lemon or lime in limited quantities or even controlled amounts of berries would probably be ok but oranges will add carbs to your water. In fact all fruit will add some carbs to water. If these carbs are not accounted for, can cause a stall in weight loss.

  3. So with the Keto is there a calorie guideline for your height and what not? I’m just curious because it would seem like the cheese and full fat dairy would add up quickly.

  4. I wonder if you could use some orange extract in place of the orange juice?🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m excited about learning more about Keto. Thanks for sharing! Menu plans look yummy 😋

  5. I love that you’re telling us how you’re making it for Emily as well. I have a 3 & 1 yr old, so they obviously still need the carbs! My husband and I have been wanting to switch to a keto lifestyle, so I’m really racking up a lot of good tips from your channel! 😊

  6. Hi Shelly my dietician and doctorsuggested on Monday that I go Keto so Im excited to start which hopefully will be in the next day or two, once I make a meal plan. I have eaten Paleo for years so the leap shouldn't be too hard. My only problem is I don't like bacon or eat much dairy but we can work around that. Im so excited to be able to get back to drinking my homemade broth. I missed that before as it used to send my fat macros up too high I felt so good when I drank it. Good luck with it

  7. Hi Shelley: just wanted to know if I can still use these recipes if I am not doing keto diet, and I was also wondering if the recipes that you have done before you started your let diet ,I was wondering if they are ones that are low calorie and can I still loose weight I hope that make sence

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