What Are The Long Term Effects Of A Keto program? — Dr. Eric Westman

20 years ago everyone predicted that eating a high-fat low carb diet would result in heart disease and other dire predictions. Have those predictions come true?



  1. The bad rep of cholesterol is the problem… cholesterol enables communication between neurons and encouraging the growth of new brain cells in the brain..One recent study performed by the American Medical association and published in the archives of internal medicine January 2012 demonstrated an astounding 48% increased risk of diabetes among women taking statins (cholesterol lowering medications).Type 2 diabetes is a powerful risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.. so a low carbohydrate high fat diet is not only helping in the prevention of diabetes but also becomes a shield to most degenerative brain diseases simply by reducing constant high serum insulin levels and omitting gluten which is a very damaging protein and can cause brain shrinkage amongst all other things..

  2. I went no sugar no carbohydrates ate good fats and plant based foods with some meats, restricted any food to three hours a day. Fasted eighteen hours a day(from dinner to lunch the next day)eight weeks later I had lost thirty pounds from 205 to 175 (I’m 6ft), my fasting blood glucose levels are 85-90, CRP is down and a1c is coming down. I didn’t use this for weight loss but I knew I would loose weight. This was for cardiovascular inflammation and control of plaque and arterial health. I’ve had heart problems and the doctors weren’t helping me it was time to dump them and do my own research.

  3. Thanks very much for the video. I’m in Canada 🇨🇦 and my friend is in Tanzania 🇹🇿. She suffers from HBP, diabetes and peptic ulcer . I advised her and keep track on her by teaching step by step what to eat starting with teaching her what is a carbohydrate.

  4. Sports/Nutrition MD X 42 years. Mostly #FakeNews here presented by an MD with a bias for KETO. I have done it mimics starvation works for weight loss. Longer term when I did it high protein caused renal failure and kidney stones very painful X 2 had to stop. Long term it is a fad. 100% meat is bad for you search TMAO in meat causes heart disease in big study. IACR.fr study 51 million processed meat triples cancer risk. I do bluezones.com Ornish et al Lancet 1991 plant based lifestyle changes REVERSE heat disease.

  5. I wonder if your propensity to adapt to Keto well may have to do with your genetic ancestry. I am Dutch and moving to a Keto diet was just… simple and great. I've tried cheating twice and the sugar and carbs just made me feel terrible less than an hour later. I just feel like my body is saying, "FINALLY! Everything can work the way I was made to!". And the mental clarity feels like I discovered some super power. Fog is gone forever!

  6. Biggest looser tv show taught us one good lesson not to mess up with our metabolism. Not only the weight will come back but your metabolism will be destroyed. Also you can't do this forever. Accept who you are. Not every body ment to be thin and tall and rich and goodlooking

  7. Thank you for these videos. My research recommends taking potassium/mag supplementation. When I take this supplement, I get tingling/numbness in my face and head feels "fuzzy". This is my 5th week into keto. I am taking an ACE Inhibitor even though it doesn't help to lower very high bp, doctor continues to recommend it. Could the numbness/tingling in the face be caused by an "excess" of potassium?

  8. I don’t call it a diet. I choose to live differently and away from all that over processed way of eating. Just cooking at home and paying attention to what your using is the way it goes. Find eating out is hard so I just do less of it and try to avoid it if I can.

  9. I have found that the things that help me be the healthiest physically are:

    1.) Regular, sufficient sleep
    2.) Large amounts of cooked AND raw (colorful) vegetables
    3.) Medium amounts of raw, colorful fruits
    4.) Moderate-Moderately Low consumption of Beans, Nuts, Avocado, Olives and Seeds
    5.) If Fruit is consumed in greater quantities, and exercise levels are lower, Grains and Starches should not be consumed in moderate-larger amounts. If exercise levels are higher, more rice and potatoes, etc. can be consumed, along with bananas, pineapple, mangos, etc., also fruit juice to a small extent.
    6.) Exercise is good. Stretching, etc.
    7.) High quality animal foods are fine in moderately low-lower amounts, and the fats in these foods should be paired with foods rich in vitamin A, D, E, K, etc. Vegetables, beans, nuts, potato, avocado, etc. should be consumed more regularly and in greater percentages of the plate/volume of meals, compared to animal foods. (Fruit is the dessert)
    8.) Lunch, or Brunch, should be the biggest meal of the day, with plenty of protein and fats, carbs as well. Dinner should be lighter animal protein/fats, like fish, also avocado, nuts, seeds, beans, etc., and vegetables, with not much starch/carbs…
    9.) Veggies, water, sleep, exercise, and some high quality animal foods as well, in moderately low amounts/frequencies. Beans help keep carb cravings under control.

  10. I am 2 days on Keto…Accidentally drank 3 drinks of a diet soda that kiddo bought me…but it had Vanilla syrup! Caught myself and she traded me drinks and hers was 100 % diet…Habits…habits are gonna be hard! Next weekend I have a buffet meeting to go to…and I am gonna take veggies and meat rolls with cream cheese…Will that be ok to take ya think? It will be hard to pass up the Native frybread…but that is my plan!

  11. What about this study I read about that said having a cheat day on keto… even just a few a year.. cause serious damage to ones veins and arteries.. something about a sudden raise in blood sugar

  12. Awesome video Dr. Westman! Thank you, I can't tell you how many times I have heard from my friends and family on how I should not stay on Keto very long. By the way I am down 69 pounds and feel better than when I was back in high school.

  13. What a great video. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Would you mind making a video on being Keto the last 20 years? Very interested if you noticed any big changes throughout the years?

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  15. The Dr is clear here. There is no long term scientific evidence on the Keto diet’s efficacy on health. There are clearly short term benefits for many. Beyond that even Dr Westman admits there needs to be government funded studies to ascertain the long term heath effects of the diet.

  16. I'm 8 month in keto diet I lost about 22 kg I feel energetic sleep deeply well my BP become normal my stomach reflux is removed my headaches removed also
    Even I get medical sciences in university many medical rules are cheat to me now
    I feel sorrow for people been manipulated by medical system controlled by pills factories

  17. Everyone who has done keto properly know that you will inevitably:

    1) Lose weight (fat weight, that is)
    2) Experience a marked increase in energy and mental clarity
    3) Reduce your blood pressure
    4) Experience happier mood
    5) Save money

    I've been doing keto and IF for 7 weeks and have experienced ALL these positive effects. I'm never going back to a carb/sugar based diet. Period.

  18. We should all become keto adapted.. Meaning that we can carb up now and then.. but mostly keep it low if we don't exercise or do much physical activity. Other important dietary things to do regularly is intermittent fasting (for autophagy and gut reset) and no eating at least 3 hours before bed time.

  19. Hey random person scrolling through the comments. I just want to say: have a great day or night!

    Remember you are loved and you have a purpose in this world. Always stay positive and never give up, in life, and on your goals!

  20. I'm on keto and I love it but you have not answered the question. What I'd like to know Is and the 1000's of people That you Have put on the lchf diet, How many had negative affects and what you did to help them. It's nice to have outside studies but I would think after all the years Of working with patiences you would have your own results available.

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