What is the Keto Diet?

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  1. Bro, I've followed you for some time. I really wish you would of done better research on the effects of a high fat low carb diet. Keto is just another fad diet, the harm you do to your body far exceeds the benefits. Look into legitimate medical research on this for your own health. Best of luck to you brother.

  2. your energy levels are not up an down from eating carbs, yes your right that can happen ONLY WHEN…. eating the wrong type of carb… there is a difference, otherwise eating your complex carbs actually gives you sustain energy an no crashes in your blood sugar levels, an no massive spikes in your blood sugar levels either, its imposible to get a sugar crash or a massive sugar spike from eating complex carbs LOL another thing you have always had good skin, so whatever you were doing for your skin health was already working, another thing carbs is good for brain function, as your brain is a glucose sucking machine, it sucks glucose 1st before your muscles even gets to have any, so that is good for brain function, an even sleep due to the increase in serotonin levels, fats are good also for your brain, but you just needa think logicly some of the most smartest people walking this earth are eating all kinds of carbs, yet they are not dumb from eating them, so i think that claim that you claim, can now b claimed as BS.. unless you can name atleast 10% out of 1000 most successfull smartest people in the world that eat no carbs, an only just proteins an fats, then yeah its fucking Bullshit! some people are jus geneticly inclined to being smarter than others due to aspects of having the right mentors/attitude/mindset an having a high level of open mindedness its got nothing to do with cutting out carbs LOL you could cut out carbs an still be a dumb fuck LOL.. the ideal an maximal an optimal way is to incorperate both macros to reap benefits from both worlds accordlingly to your needs/requirements, i think keto is a bunch of BS, im not against entirely an some people mayb geneticly inclined to responding well to a KETO diet, im open to that idea, altho it has not been proven, but you never know, also it will be interesting to see if you do continue to grow while being in a calorie surplus dispite being glucose deficient, bkoz to my understanding it can be ALMOST impossible to gain muscle in a glucose depleted state which you are in right now dispite eating in a surplus an dispite comsuming adequate amounts of protein, also another thing, eating a low GI high sugar carb source of a cup of fresh pineappple, or a powerade/gatorade timed right at the end of your workout or mid to end of your workout can spike insulin release which therefor enhances your uptake of protein orbsorbtion as the insulin will shuttle your protein shake into your cells more rapidly an more effecient rate, then to have a protein shake alone (if you take a post protein shake)

  3. Except your carbohydrate intake needs to be 5-10% of your total caloric intake, which for many is less than 50g per day. Also your protein may have to be lower than 1g/1lb of body weight to be 5-10% of your caloric intake, otherwise it will bump you out of ketosis.
    The ketogenic diet is usually 5-10C/10-15P/80F, which would be considered low-moderate protein, not moderate to high. Many people do feel shocking on keto because they are consuming far too many grams of protein each day and are dipping in and out of ketosis.

  4. I bought your keto diet. Can you discuss if there are any negatives to ones health on the diet? As well as why it's ok to eat butter and bacon on the diet. Aren't there different types of fat that are healthier than others?

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