Why Cholesterol Can Go High on a Ketogenic Diet

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  1. People are really buying this? High saturated fat is going to flow through your vessels. These extreme diets are not worth the risk.

  2. Used up 25 pounds in 45 days , it was so easy . No exercise but hard work , fasted as the doctor recommended here , drank apple cider vinegar cocktail, 500 mg of niacin four times a day ( triglycerides) , keto life style . Keto can add 15 to 20 years .

  3. I am 52 years old 144 pounds and my cholesterol is 356. I decided yesterday to give up my Statin. Does that mean I shouldn't switch to red yeast rice as well because it's considered a statin? Your thoughts would be appreciated.


    I have been on Keto 18 months. My stats – 45 year old women, 140 pounds, lost 50 pounds, very athletic, IF 20/4 schedule, blood sugar normal, blood pressure normal 119.

    My cholesterol is too high 306, Triglycerides are 406, HDL is 64. My doctor threatened me with statens. I'm terrified of statens. I'm freaking out. I plan to cut my fat drastically.

    I have worked very, very hard to get here. I have watched Dr. Berg religiously. I am happy and I love myself. I have been slowly reducing medications that I have been on for years, an now I find it's not it's not enough.

    HELP, I would be grateful for any advice.

  5. The keto diet is a Godsend! After trying for years to lose weight and my ever increasing belly fat , I finally have true, outstanding success. In 9 weeks I've lost over 30 lbs and still losing about 4lbs per week. My goal is 185 and I only have 15 lbs to go!!! Thank you Dr. Berg!

  6. Hello Dr.Berg
    I've been on the Keto Diet for two months went from 231 Pounds to 205 Pounds. Recently I had my blood work done and my doctor sent me a message asking me if I was still taking Atorvastatin 40mg tabs because the test came back that my Cholesterol levels increased:

    Last Year: This Year

    Cholesterol 185 232

    Triglyceride 215 85

    HDL Cholesterol 46 59

    LDL Cholesterol 96 156

    Chol/LDL Ratio: 4.0 3.9

    Glucose 107 91

    Dr. Berg, I was hoping to get off my medications for High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure. My last four BP readings are from current to past weeks:

    121/76 65

    124/79 63

    131/81 64

    126/80 67

    I am taking Losartan Potassium 50MG tabs.

    I am sure my doctor is flipping out because of my higher numbers….any advice on what to say to him??

    As you can tell my doctor told me that last time I was pre diabetic, but with the number going down from 107 to 91 I'm feeling pretty good about it!


  7. I just had physical and my cholesterol was high both numbers. Would it be wise to start a ketogenic diet? I believe a huge part of my reason was I was injured and had several knee surgeries and gained a lot of weight with less physical activity recently. I'm just getting back to my normal life what should I do? My doctor explained to me that he's giving me two months and if it's still high he's putting me on meds

  8. I don't have a weight goal, I have a health goal and so far following your advice has been great, bad cholesterol went high. i am positive as it flushes out it will improve. going to use Lessithin caps.

  9. My fiance's total cholesterol jumped from 235 in Feb to a whopping 360 last week and we've been on keto diet less than a month. Her triglycerides were 88 (up 10 points) but still in the normal range. She is mortified and the doctor is telling her to get on statins. When is her LDL going to come down? We're concerned at this point, and obviously ignorant. We've successfully stayed off sugar and adhered to low daily carbs, but we've also been eating a lot of cheese, avocados, olive oil, bacon, etc. There seems to be conflicting news out there, but your video calmed us down a bit. Just not sure whether to alter what we're eating or not.

  10. Just got back from my doctor visit and she said my cholesterol was dangerously high. All my other factors were great. Triglycerides were also high but not too bad. I told her I was doing Keto and she said to stop immediately,no more saturated fats! I also do intermittent fasting 16/8. She said Keto was a myth, lol. Time to change doctors👍. Btw she’s like 150 pounds over weight and has never tried Keto.

  11. 2 months ago we have this annual physical exam and i'm on my 1st month of keto. And i received my result, the good thing is keton is present on my bloodtest and my company doctor said that i have high cholesterol and euric acid so i have to do the blood test again. And i confessed to the doctor that i'm on keto diet. But she doesn't care. My weight is from obese to normal now and my blood pressure is normal. What do you think guys, should i stop the keto diet since i've reached my weight goal? But i have to have bloodtest again to see if my cholesterol level is normalized. Thanks team keto.

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