Why High Blood Sugar on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

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  1. 1000th like 😀 Dr Berg – I'm down 3.5 belt sizes. i've never felt better. I'm more aware of my vegetable intake as well. This has been a tremendous help keeping me fresh and excited about the keto diet. Best part? Prime rib on a salad many times a week vs eating a hundred times a day and always been hungry. I get to eat like a KING and I'm never hungry, ever, and I've got no idea how much weight i've lost. My blood reports are all major improvements as well. Weird how eating fatty foods and higher cholesterol has yielded LOWER bad numbers. lol simple carbs are the devil.

    It would be interesting for you to do a video about when to consume carbs for muscle gain for weight training. I have had a more difficult time maintaining and regaining muscle mass on keto. I saw your video that mentioned weight training to maintain muscle mass – how about when to consume carbs (and which types are the good ones for this, obviously) for such a purpose as gaining muscle mass. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Perfect – thank you! I've always been a good eater, just think my issue was eating too frequently keeping my blood sugar/insulin up. I had been told had hypoglycemia over 20 years ago and can feel 100% when it drops low. I adjusted my protein a little as I'm very active and weight train, some yoga and HIIT workouts occasionally. Never thought could do intermittent fasting -so this has been very psychologically therapeutic breaking someone out of a hypoglycemic need to eat every few hours. Upping my potassium, B vitamins and adding Chromium Picolinate have gotten my sugars in a perfect place 80-100 range and not really spiking while eating Keto (with slightly higher protein)…. love love your Utube channel and explanations and informative info. Keep up the incredible work.

  3. So it's normal to have slightly higher fasting glucose when on keto? Like up to 110mg/dl? I read that this is due to insulin resistance of the muscles, which is reverdable though.
    Will this higher fasting Glucose come down to the 80s after some time of doing keto or will it remain slightly higher physiologically ?

  4. Can you please do a video on recovery from surgery while following the keto diet. I eat a carnivore diet due to SIBO issues and ileocecal valve that wants to get stuck open if I consume too much fiber. Thank you.

  5. I had a question you could possibly do a video on Dr. Berg. 7 weeks ago I was 342 lbs and now I’m at 300.2 lbs. my goal is to lose at least 50-60 more lbs. My question is: at some point, should I intentionally slow down my wait loss to aid in NOT having loose skin later? I would love to hear your perspective on that.

  6. 9 months ago my fasting blood sugar was 317 while taking metformin and victoza injections. I quit all my medications and started keto. 2 months ago before I went from keto to carnivore my blood sugars varied between 105 to 125 in the morning. Now on an OMAD carnivore diet my blood levels are usually between 115 and 130 when I first wake up, but drops to normal levels after that during the day. Even on a three, four, or 5-day fast my blood level remains the same between 115 and 130. The only way I've ever been able to break a hundred in the morning is with a 5-day fast then a refeed of cod liver oil, butter, MCT oil, beef tallow and coconut oil with a three day fast immediately after the fat refeed. In the following 3 day fast after eating these oils my blood level dropped to 105, then 97, and finally 67.

  7. Thanks.. this was my question as well.. I just started reading your book .. love it. I appreciate the explanation and breakdown of everything…very helpful. Now I can make an educated decision and I can do this

  8. Hi Dr. Berg,
    I'm a 23 young male with an fasting blood sugar of 128mg/dl and an HbA1c of 6.6, I am diagnosed with MODY 2
    I fast for 20h a day and do 3x a week weight training. So these blood work was done after Christmas (thats properly the reason of my high HbA1c).
    I don't know what I can further do, to reduce my fasting bloodglucose. Do you have any further tips? (Been taking Vit D, Vit K, Magnesium and Postassium)

  9. This has been an issue for me. The closest I got to keeping blood sugars below 100 mg/dL for sustained was my following an approach very close to full-blown carnivore. Even then, there were moments where I saw my blood glucose climb. This encouraged me to resume taking low doses of metformin. This video is usefully informative to me.

    There is another issue I have to deal with, and I expect that I am not alone with this.
    I know that I can sustain a lifestyle that includes intermittent fasting, BUT some meds I'm on are twice or thrice a day and insist that they are taken with food. The best window for IF is much too small to avoid double dosing by taking med doses to close in time.
    I could benefit, I think, with your best insights on this.

  10. Dr. Berg thank you for all your wonderful information. I happen to be a diabetic in the keto diet in fasting has help I'm off my diabetic medicine my A1C is 5.1 for almost a year now it's been in the low fives. However when I was diagnosed as a diabetic in 2017 in April they said it was brought on by taking too many rounds of high doses of steroids to treat a back injury. Since that time I have gotten or was told I had diabetic neuropathy. Recently however I had an EMG it said it was not diabetic neuropathy I did have nerve damage but nobody can tell tell me what it is calls from. Could you possibly do a video or answer the question as to what else can cause nerve damage. Thank you love your videos

  11. Great video, felt KETO was not working because I am diabetic. I took myself off two insulins and working at getting them normal. Weight loss is very slooooow right now. My morning reading is the highest, 157 which is not bad. I have been on insulin for years and it only causes weight gain. Thanks!

  12. I've doing keto and intermittent fasting for 5 months and have about 40 pounds. My question is why are my ketone levels so low, they are generally around .2 .3 mmol. Is there something I'm doing terribly wrong?

  13. I started keto January 1 2019. I've only lost 5 lbs. Absolutely no sugar and less than 10 carbs per day. I had one day when my pee strip was purple. The rest of my daily pee strips are at 5-15. I am unable to do any exercises/cardio due to double knee sprains. Is the lack of exercise causing me to not lose weight and not staying in ketosis?

  14. What is your opinion on Torani's or DaVincis Sugar Free syrups? They are sweetened with Splenda, but does that Splenda contain maltodextrine since it is in liquid form? Thanks!!! Love your vids and all the info you provide!

  15. Hi Dr Berg. . Most videos on IF, OMA and Ketogenic eating focus on weight loss ( and of course the extraordinary health benefits). Can you please do a video for those that are already lean, doing weight/strength training, do not want to lose weight and in fact want to gain weight whilst sticking to the principles of IF and Ketogenic eating plan. Thank you

  16. Why does apple cider vinegar have to taste so yucky? I add it to salad dressings which is not bad but I need other suggestions to add more of this to my diet while making it palatable.

  17. My man dr.berg as always you are at your best.. Such a valuable information your providing ! Love from india 🇮🇳 and dr. You are the only reason i am able to gather courage to start this YouTube channel…

  18. Thank you for this video as it was a question plaguing me and thus very discouraging. I am 71 and for MOST of my years have gobbled down lots of carbs and bought into low-fat intermittently. I love to bake and once my family was raised, I still baked. All to say it must take years to correct. Sorry to report my doctors have not dealt with diet but only write scripts until finally prescribing insulin (lantus). Not sure about my decision to stop insulin but will continue keto lifestyle.

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