1. Hey bro. I am not ashamed of my body. Lol jk. So true that we need to be proud of our physical image. My deal is that i have type 2 diabetes. I need to start that keto. $$$$

    Keep up the hard work.

  2. So well articulated! I have definitely found myself acting obsessive about food in the past, and even recently, although I have more self awareness now it’s still there. Bodies hold on to more fat when we’re stressed anyway, so being overly concerned is counterproductive. This was a good reminder to prioritize self compassion over adhering to rules. You’re awesome.

  3. great vid goody I totally understand where your coming from,food was being a obsession in my life and now I don't let it control my life with my family.its all a mental game and understanding that there is no such thing as clean or junk food its nutrion for the body,aslong as people understand diets,nutrition,exercise,and understand that everyone is unique in they're own way,they can find they're own path and journey to achieve what makes them feel good about themselves and block the haters.great vid looking awesome goody💪🖒!!

  4. Logan, I agree with almost anything you said since stress causes cortisol levels to rise which again stops the fat loss but I have one logical problem and maybe you could help me (and possibly many other people) to solve this one out. So – you're saying that we should all accept and love ouselves and our bodies. First – how can I accept and love something that I'm completely not satisfied with? Something that caused the vast majority of the social, mental and overall health trouble in my life? And second – if you DON'T love and DON'T accept your body as it is since you want it to change and improve, don't you think that may somehow give you more motivation and determination to actually do something to change that state of things? I'm wondering what are your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  5. This is such a literal thing for me but in a different way. I have insulin issues so if I eat something I’m not supposed to or I wait to long to eat my blood sugar drops too low and I get mega depressed and tired. I always have to remind myself it’s not real and I just need to eat. It’s taken me awhile to get where i am now. Actually eating out with friends occasionally and not stressing on what type of foods I should or shouldn’t be eating or what will make me so dizzy I can’t function. I can live without the rice and bread. I can only see it getting better with time tho ✌🏽😁

  6. Hi there.
    I'm hearing a lot of refeed days with high carbs on keto.
    Why nobody talks about a high protein refeed day?
    Is braking your keto diet with a high protein day, as bad as carbs?
    Nobody is talking about that topic.

  7. One thing I learned getting lean muscle mass and vascular is bringing hormones (thyroid, testatorone) into a balance state to become anabolic (building) with nutrition and avoiding negative to avoid the catabolic (destroying) hormones (cortisol estrogen) I made big changes in my life and body with nutrition and training less but those workouts are based on mike mentzer heavy duty training style it works for me building mass and nutrition on point to keep hormones on point and fat came off now it is about calories but calories deficit will bring your hormones down shutting down , and keto alloweds me to eat more calories and raise my hormones up naturally and feeling 100% masculine I only eat carbs 3 times a week before and after my workouts (150 grams before 150 after) what a powerful pill I don’t have social media I’ll do it for me but I’ll been judge of me being in the steroids I got no time for that keep up the good job @goodybeats

  8. Ive been on keto and intermittent fasting for 6 days. Its a lot of fat… like a lot. Makes me feel nauseous a lot. I was doing 60g fat 50g protein and 10-20 g carb im having a hard time raising fat and protein and not carbs. Can only eat one salad with cucumber/spinach/kale/cheese because of the carbs. Yesterday I did 100 fat 120 protein and 10 carb but it wasnt very enjoyable. Ate a big egg and steak with cheese lunch but it was hard for me. Kinda feel sick eating tbh. Weird. Felt really good day 3, but now my headache is coming back. Any tips?

  9. Just found your channel bro and you nailed it for me. Emotional eating I can definitely relate to. I’ve started my Keto journey 3 weeks ago and it hasn’t been easy but I’m continuing to pick myself up and keep moving forward.

  10. First just want to say I like your videos I have a few question I just started doing Keto and I’m a over the road truck driver I prep my meals every week before going out on the road but I don’t do any workout because I drive about 9 to 8 hrs every day do you think I will lose Waight just by doing the keto diet and what would be a good snack eather to prep or to buy for on the road because sometimes I really don’t have time to stop and sit down and eat really would like your help on this thank you

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