Will Paleo Put Me Into Ketosis?

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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work!! Can you please give more information what to do when the pancreas, liver, and stomach is not working properly? Where to begin? What kind of things to eat and don't eat, when your already doing keto.
    Is their also a accu pressure point to help the pancreas?
    Thanks again….you helped me and so many others a lot!!!

  2. Hi Dr Berg ..I been watching your video for a long times and do some ketosis and some exercise,
    I never lose any fat on my body …still 140 pouch .😂✌️.

  3. Just started the keto diet 5 days in
    However the gf has also decided to go keto
    I started with *fatty meat green leaf vegtables salad eggs whole foods.
    She's more focused on the baking side of things creams
    **almond & coconut powder baking soda cream cheese egg etc.
    Will this approach Hender results?

  4. Hi Dr Berg I have a question or if you can make a video of it.that if someone is on keto diet and every three months or 6 months will go on vacation and have no choice but to eat in the restaurants.would that do any harm to the body organs to be in and out keto diet every now and then. Thanks in advance.

  5. I’d like to see a video about taking all your different supplements together. Are there any issues with taking the hair supplement, cortisol aid, nutritional yeast, digest formula, gallbladder formula, D3/K2, estrogen balance with DIM, wheat grass juice powder, and electrolyte powder together. I do spread them out some, but I just want to see if you have any recommendations on taking certain ones together. Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi Sir i am celiac patient please make a video about healing small intestine villi for me. I am 35 years old and its been 3 years on gluten free diet but not a improvement in small intestine as it should be.
    Chander singh

  7. Can the blood type diet be well combined with Keto diet? Or the blood type diet is merely nonsense? I'm A which is suggested lead a vegetarian lifestyle but I love cheese and fish and meat😂 Actually I have just started keto and IF for a month eating cheese but I feel good and lost some weight… guess it's not a problem. Just curious about the blood type diet with keto….

  8. Hi Dr. Berg I have been taking a few of your supplements which include the wheat grass powder electric lights vitamin D3 and K2 adrenal support nutritional yeast and along with that Ian also doing to Tumerick and magnesium calm and in the last couple of weeks I have been itching very badly on the palms of my hand and on my feet and in the last few days my legs have been itching I was wondering if this had to do anything with the supplements and I’m also on the keto diet your help with this would be highly appreciated thank you Karen Loyd

  9. My question is if I do intermittent fasting with gluten free diet. Would it put me into ketosis. I work out Monday through Friday I do weights and Cardio. Thank you so much, love your videos.

  10. Hi dr berg i am a beginer in keto diet and follwing ur videos which r so much helpul for me and my hubby.i want to know about that i have high insulin problem so should i cope up with medication or low carb and moderate protien??i will be very grateful to u if u answer me.again thanx for info videos.

  11. Hello Sir!
    I followed you, I loved all your vedios, I tried as much as I could, I got up early morning, I exercised, I ran, I did everything..!! I lose fat from thighs,arms, but why not on belly? This is fucking irritating, I still have sagging skin, fat on my belly..I Just because of dieting I am looking more thinner than what i wanted but this belly fat is like..no & never!!!! Just because I reducing fat on belly I am breaking my muscle on other parts!!! Plz help or I will unsubscribe you!!

  12. I submitted video ideas on your link, but I forgot one! What could a healthy diet look like for a person with diabetes type 2 and high uric acid but who's vegetarian (maybe eats fish on occasion) and basically lactose intolerant?

  13. Dr. Berg, Hi, could you do a video on Vit K2 and is it safe to take if you are on Warfarin. Is it only VitK1 that a warfarin user has to worry about. I can't find much about this. Thanks

  14. I thought I might transition to modified paleo diet once I've lost all the weight I want to lose. I intend to be more involved with exercise then, too (right now I'm doing low intensity exercise only). It looks like it might be a good healthy maintenance…but in my case, I probably won't go quite as high on the carbs. I'm in my 50's, so probably can't handle that.

  15. I think Paleo really refers more to the types of foods you should have access to, not necessarily what percentage of what you eat. You can have a 100% keto paleo diet which would mean your meats just have to be 'paleo' meats (unprocessed, grass fed, etc.). While you CAN have fruits on a paleo diet, you're not required to have them so you own personal implementation of paleo might hot have any at all. The point is, you can totally do a fully paleo fully keto diet. That's actually how I prefer to eat.

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