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Yoga For After Disaster is a 30 min healing yoga and meditation practice to help you find comfort and peace… post disaster. Use the tools of yoga and …



  1. The pace of this practice is incredible, thank you Adriene. I thought what you said at 18:13 was spot on, you are a true artist of yoga. Never forget how much we all appreciate you for filling up your cup so it can overflow and serve us <3 Sending my love ywa fam!

  2. I decided on this practice today because I have to talk to my family about something hard and my internal life has been very disastrous lately, but I feel much better after doing this practice. Thank you for it <3

  3. Did this today. I feel lost. I'm always grateful for what I have but my own personal life is not moving forward at all. It's just been stuck for two years career wise and it's been a huge block on my life. Now am considering to move to US and that takes so much money.

    I hope 2018 brings something good.

    My prayers to those out facing political/natural disaster calamities.

  4. Adriene, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this, as I was in emotional turmoil last night and sleep was difficult. I was not sure I could go into work today. I am able to now, but still hurt even though its manageable now. Love….a concept that has wracked me with pain, yet it is a hard lesson learned. I and all those out there on mother earth appreciate the time you take do this not just for you but everyone. We thank you….Namaste.


  5. I live in Groves, Texas we were on the dirty side of Hurricane Harvey and when it came back towards us slowly downing Houston and moving toward us adding more water upon water so many of us lost our homes or sustained damage that would make repair or rebuilding not an option. I had water fast flowing around my house for days. We are blessed to have so many wonderful people that have give so much of themselves to come rescue so many endangered and stranded people. and many stayed in the aftermath to help with demolition. The one thing you can never forget is the smell. Everywhere was a war zone. ruined homes. ruined memories. I want to say thank you to those that last their own homes, but came with boats and anything they could to help rescue thousands and thousands of people. They helped feed and give medical care. The big shout out goes to the Cajun Navy!!! They helped rescue my brother and hundreds of other residents from a nursing home. Such wonderful things in horrendous circumstance.

  6. Abundant gratitude Dear Adriene. For the last 6 months I've been in in shutdown mode due to a personal disaster. I will be doing this practice daily. Thank you for this gift. xo Prema

  7. Thank you, my dearest Adriene. I don't know what happened during this practice, but after this I was just sitting on my mat, crying my (obviously hidden) disasters out. I don't remember crying this much.. Thank you for being my most awesome guidance ❤️✨

  8. Hi Adrienne-I’m wondering if you could do a video for survivors of sexual trauma. I know there are gentle, safe ways for yoga to help heal the body and mind and get the trauma stored in our bodies worked through. If there’s any way you feel up to tackling that thought I would be so thankful. It’s much needed! ?

  9. Hi! I met you in Houston for your master class tour. My best friend introduced us and mentioned I was on the verge of my second bilateral mastectomy. This time we replaced silicon with tissue from my abdomen (DIEP procedure). Anyway- you mentioned possibly putting out yoga for post surgery, perhaps. Is this something you may do? LOVED my first experience with you in Houston! It was magical. Thanks!

  10. I love what you said at first about these type of things happening anyways and we can not avoid them but we can control our reaction towards them and how we re-align ourselves after they happen, because this is pretty much my entire life's philosophy, it is called being even-tempered. The word is beautiful in spanish "ecuanimidad". Love this practice, I'm actually practicing it with a flu, that's my disaster jaja, but anyways, thank you so much Adriene <3

  11. Thank you Adriene! I just went through the Santa Rosa fire and this was just what I needed. Even though I still have a home, many of my friends and neighbors lost theirs. You are so right that while there is a wonderful strong spirit emerging here and lots of generosity, there is also bad juju–fear, anxiety, confusion and anger all around me. It's been hard to resist all that spiritual toxicity not to mention the physical toxicity all around. I'm recommending this video for all my friends. Namaste.

  12. The first day to do yoga since northern CA fire started. Finally good air in San Francisco this morning and I felt like doing yoga at home, and I found this video right away. Perfect timing. I felt your deep supportive thoughts. Wonderful. Thank you very much.

  13. Thank you so much! I am so grateful for your practice today. I was going through personal crisis and feeling a lot of fear energy and picking up fear energy as an empath who lives in Northern California in the throes of all these wildfires. While I am grateful that I am not personally affected, my heart goes out to all those that are. This practice helped me to gain perspective. Thanks so much again! I can't thank you enough. I have been practicing yoga with you since 2015 and have recommended so many people to your videos so you can help them the way that you have helped me and so many others. Namaste!

  14. Adriene, I found you by chance yesterday as I was finally motivated to come back to my mat after the devastating fires in Northern California. I live in Napa and work as a mental health therapist. As I return to work and offer services in my community I am aware that self-care is going to be a daily occurrence if not more than once daily. I tried your video "Yoga for weight loss" or something like that and found myself laughing due to your realness and added commentary, which I adore! Then I found this video, "Yoga for after disaster", which is so fitting for the moment I needed it. I have shared it with my colleagues and friends and wanted to say, THANK YOU. Thank you for offering your love and light in a time many of us are suffering. Appreciate your spirit and ability as an instructor.

  15. You are the most incredible woman I've ever met. Thank you for continually spreading such a positive message. Your kind thoughts always give me piece of mind and get me on a better path. I hope to be half the woman you are some day. Wishing you many continued blessings of success and happiness. <3 Rae (before and after picture girl from Wanderlust Boston)

  16. I can’t believe you even thought to do this… but I just got home from being evacuated for a week from the California Fire, and this made me feel so relaxed but also like having a friend that understands what I’m going through. Thank you thank you thank you!

  17. Such a coincidence, I asked for yoga recommendations and was referred to your channel, and specifically saw this video. My house was damaged in a tornado last Sunday and I'm still processing my emotions. My cat almost blew away in the wind but I grabbed her and managed to get the door shut. We live in the mountains and have never had winds like this so trees are down all over my property. This video was great for my agonizing neck pain and put me in a good place. Near the beginning something she said made me tear up so hopefully I got something released that I didn't know I was dealing with. Thanks so much, it's strange to get back to normal when something happens that disrupts your life.

  18. When I feel low:

    When i feel low i've got to communicate with myself. I've got to have a dialogue with myself. Yes, it is also important to communicate with others, but before even communicating with others, i've got to talk to myself.
    I have got to walk myself through the situation I am in and not be passive to my mind which will continue to spin as I give it energy and do not give myself the energy I need.

    I've got to not give up. Persistence.

    I've got to take action and build upon what I already have built. I've got to move forward with what I need and want.

    First, ask myself: What do I need? What do I want? How will I achieve this? Can I do it alone, or do I need help? Grace.
    We all can use a little help. Humans are where we are because we help one another. We can't do everything alone. We need communication skills, we need physical or social contact.

    I've got to consider health as priority. Mental, physical, and spiritual health. Knowing how to climb the ladder of wellbeing when I hit a low point is essential in climbing back-up. So learning and testing health practices is ideal in the evolution of my wellbeing and my thrive.

    Getting along with others is crucial and attainable. It's the way I communicate and act towards others. Being able to work together as a team is vital.

    Finding ways to enjoy the lifestyle I want and communicate with others of similar interests is a prominent aspect of a fulfilling life. Finding the right community but also never dismissing other communities. And by doing so, connecting with likeminded people is ideal in my pursuit of growth and fulfillment of purpose and intent. By finding the groups or individual people at my level or similar and building each other up is an ideal way to serve myself and others. Be an active participant of the community I am current mentally and situationally in. Community in this modern internet age is the surrounding community in which I live, and the broader community in which I tune-into on the internet. Bridging the gap and balancing these communities is worth thinking about.
    Is there a way to enjoy the community I live in? Well, I have. But I have outgrown it. It no longer serves my interests. I would need to see an overhaul of this community for it to be a place I want to be. Do I really want to be a community leader here, to see it maybe someday be what I'd like it to be? And I can see the vision in my mind of making this place a better place for all, but is that what I want?

    What do I want to see? What do I want to be a part of? What do I want to experience? What do I want? The answers are in the heart. My issue seems to be this: I understand and realize the great challenges of human civilization. I also realize my challenges. I want to be able to be a young person, happy and free to grow and expand naturally at my own happy pace. And yet I think about what the planet needs way too much. That's far too large for me to handle right now. I understand someday ?I will be in a position in which I can help the world greater. At this point-in-time, I want to help myself. I need to help myself. My health is priority.

    I've got energy in my being. I want to celebrate. I want to make music. I want to run play and be free. I want to make love to the world and meet great people. I want experience the best of nature and connect to the planet!. I want to help my family and neighbors live better, but I must live better first. A little distance to clear my mind is what I need! Please dear god.

    The darkness in my mind is gone. I feel connected to every person on earth. Oneness/ universal heart was achieved consciously. I'm closer to my childhood blissful energies than I can imagine. I already know exactly how to achieve highest states of vibration in deep meditations. I know how to be my best. And yet I'm not feeling the freedom I want. Why? Bad vibes surround me. I live in a place of bad vibes. However, significant progress has been made! I have prayed for it and it came true. God sent swarms of children, his angels into my neighborhood and they decided the place to play is right outside my window. Laughter and smiles erupt daily. I smile. This is energy balancing. I've also seen people making healthier lifestyle choices and spreading it around. I changed my energy and my vibration and I prayed to god for happy energy in my community. I got it. Still I struggle. When I am naturally vulnerable, something's there to take me down. Why? God wants me to get stronger, eh? I understand that. I want it too. But is it not right to say, I want to be free now? I want to explore and experience god's lands. I am not a stationary person I'm an explorer. But the civilization I live in right now has chopped up the land and gridded it with roads. I need money to drive on those roads to experience god's lands. Many of which I need money to enter the lands.
    I'm not opposed to money, I am grateful for it, it has given humans incentive to build great cities abound with resource and convenience. I want to experience that though!
    My inactivity with regards to my communication skills is grinding on my heart and churning my brain. I know how to clear my mind! I'm just so humble I don't feel I need to impose myself on others sovereignty of mind. So I hold it in. When I feel high on life by adequate rest/meditation and a healthy diet, I share and express freely! When I feel low, I feel I do not want to disrupt others! Why? is this right? I must share my thoughts.
    I know I will be financially prosperous someday. I know I already live in great abundance in this great land.
    But I need to be in a supportive and beautiful environment now with resource so I can clear my mind without the negativity trying to pull me down. When I am vulnerable it does a decent job though innately I can never be negative or unoptimistic. The future for me is bright, the future for humanity is bright! There is no stopping me or humanity. God has a plan, I've realized this in deep meditation. I just haven't shared what I've envisioned with anyone and that takes me down.
    I must give to receive. Give what I have within me. But when I am low I do not give as much as I want to.
    I want to give to myself because I have been through too much. It has built me into the person I am and I am thankful for the lessons and challenges. I know I'll overcome this last stage. Freedom is on the other side of a thin door. My ability to advance to the other side has to do with simply communicating with the doorkeeper. The doorkeeper is life. The doorkeeper is anyone and everyone. I choose to listen rather than talk because I feel my words and my focus it too profound and I do not want to push it on people. So instead I bottle it inside. Unfortunately because I bet I could help a lot of people. Well, I do have the goal of having YouTube channels and uplifting, motivating, and teaching others. I prayed for 5,000$ (along with much more wonderful world benefits). I knew exactly what I would get. Including a van to travel, a mic for recording, cameras, and others misc. to help me start a YouTube channel. 1.5 months later, 5,000$ comes in the mail for me and my 3 brothers. I invested in myself. I have all the equipment, well, I dropped my GoPro Hero 5 in the ocean and my camera isn't the right format, but I still have equipment. But I feel no support system to motivate me. The next aspect besides social which I have little beneficial social support…is nature. Quality natural areas that I can camp at for an extended period of time. Or, a high quality energetic city or community with healthy happy active youth my age.
    My life has been difficult for many reasons family and situationally but also the fact I have a medical condition that is pinning my heart and crushing my lunges. It caused me to not be able to focus in High school and I lost out on education and social life because I was always focusing on the pressure in the chest but also the social aspect because I felt very insecure at a school that had a lot of bullying.

    I care about the environment because I lived in a city that paved over all the environment when I was young and I disconnected from nature and hence my true home. I didn't realize this until we moved to central Florida and I began to go to the parks and preserves. Nature has been calling me, parks, trees, fields, waterways, ect always inspire and uplift me. Health is another main focus of mine because I realized I wasn't healthy in mind, body, or spirit. Then I focused and improved all! I experienced incredible joy, energy, and ability by considering my health. I want to share it with everyone! And I want to connect with the people that are sharing it too. I see like-minded people on YouTube. But I still feel I don't have a supportive base to motivate. I can motivate myself somewhat, but until I'm around healthy happy supportive people my age, I'm stressed. And yet I know how not to be stressed. Meditate. Yoga. Balance. (Health) predicament, eh? I just must share and connect with others. But how? where? who?

    I'm not going to type anymore.

  19. Dear Adrienne… I'm from Mexico and as you know we have had everything lately earthquakes, hurricanes, security, etc… I hadn´t realiza how many feelings I was holding inside until I did today this routine and started crying thinking of everything that has been going on… TKS so much for this video, for your time and the good thoughts you send to the world, TKS TKS TKS

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