Yoga For Love – Valentine’s Vinyasa Flow

Yoga For Love! Tone muscle and cultivate self love with this Yoga Flow! A Valentines Vinyasa! A pick me up if you are feeling blah. A work out. A love note. A fierce yoga practice to remind…



  1. Awesome – building up to these longer daily practices now. Glad you mentioned the knees before Hero pose as I am still recovering from strained ligaments. I love the balance of exercise and meditation these videos allow for. Thank you Adriene. Namaste

  2. This is one of my almost forever favourite Videos adriene! Often when I feel sad I put on this video, hop on the mat and just feel it out. The amount of selflove I gain throughout this video can't be put into words, and I always feel better after than I did before. Always. Thank you so much for this flow, I really, really love and appreciate it. It's one of my anchors. Thanks, much love! Lena xx

  3. You got me into something I never believed in and that proves just how amazing you are. Thank you so much Adriene. Thanks for helping me find what feels good to me. Lots of love. <3

  4. Favorite love song, once upon a dream-Lana del Ray version from Maleficent. Thanks for the don't mess around throwback! Reminded me of when I was a kid, couldn't turn it off in my head. Ah when says were simple

  5. Adrienne, I want to thank you for helping me go through all the heart ache and lost love. You helped me find balance, self love, and a better well being. Thank you.

    Favorite love song : If You See Her Say Hello, Bob Dylan

  6. Love songs are one of my favorite things so it’s hard to pick just one! I’d say for today “400 Bones” by Frightened Rabbit and “Slow Show” by The National. Thank you for the lovely practice!

  7. thanks adrienne – i loved that 'you have everything, you are enough' – had 2 disastrous dates this week and you reminded me that i am enough and anyone else can only complement that – you're an amazing lass and keep up the good work!!! xf

  8. Namaste Adriene x I wasn't going to do the valentines practice I got a Blender for my Xmas from my loved one (it was all good cause I bought myself a new yoga mat, self love right x) but the practice was so good glad I did it x fav love song is Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars xxxxx

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