Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief – Yoga With Adriene

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief! Take a break from all of your tasks and tend to your body. Release neck and shoulder tension that collects from daily stress …



  1. Hi Adriene! My work is sedentary and I tend to crane the neck forward, creating strain in the back of the neck and upper shoulders. The forward-oriented neck exercises in this workout really hurt, and felt like they were locking me in to that position further. Cat pose in general makes me feel this way, too.  Am I missing something that would make these poses feel more comfortable?

  2. You offer a service that I treasure close to my heart. I don’t know if you felt a calling to do these videos, but by the responses you receive and the connection I feel with you followed by a connection to self, you most definitely are sharing your gift with the world. May God bless you for your work. You have opened up my world, allowing me to share my light. Thank you for that and may you keep creating these lessons.

  3. Adriene – Thank you for continuing to show up for me. I have been following you for a couple of years and after many different classes both online and in person, yours have been the only ones that I desire to be consistent with.

    It has everything to do with your ability to communicate and really plug yourself into understanding where one may be at, at any given time. I cannot stress how important that quality is, whether we are speaking in relation to yoga or beyond. Thank you so much for that. I really appreciate the work you're doing, your genuine approach to your community practice and your personal authenticity. Keep doing the work, keep encouraging others to find what feels good to them.

    So grateful!


  4. Thank you for sharing your practice, although I’m a Yogi and can give myself training it’s nice to shut the brain off from what to do next and to just follow along, really appreciate you taking the time to help the YouTube community get centered and realize the benefits of this beautiful practice of yoga

  5. Such a great class Adriene! I have a question, with a little backstory if you don't mind answering 🙂
    I have been practicing yoga for about three years now – very much power vinyasa through and through ( a loooot of upper body work ). I also have suffered from extremely swollen and painful trapezius muscles and neck issues for about ten years, and it seems to have gotten even worse over the last 6 months or so. I have decided to take a step back and almost "start over" with my yoga practice and get back to basics to reprogram old habits in how I hold my body, which is why I am trying out your videos! I love how mindful you are as an instructor. I guess my long-winded question is this: how do you recommend correcting the way I hold my shoulders in the day-to-day? I have been trying to open my chest and shoulders daily for so long now and they are still permanently hunched forward. It takes insane amounts of effort to get my shoulder blades to even come near plugging in to my back. I will admit it causes anxiety and "panic" sometimes when I am trying to really open them up (kinda the way people talk about all the emotion arising in pigeon / hip openers, but for me it seems to be in the shoulders/traps/chest/neck). I have also been getting fascial layer massage every other week for a few months now. I drink a ton of water and I am very mindful of what I eat to reduce inflammation. Just some background info, sorry this was so long. Is there any hope for me ?? Do you have any wisdom to share? Thank you so much! <3

  6. Thank you thank you thank you ! I knew there was a reason I was supposed to watch this and as soon as you said the thing about only seeing something one-sided it hit me like a ton of bricks thank you thank you thank you

  7. I woke up this morning completely tensed and sore in my neck arms and shoulders – this is just what I needed, thank you. Also Benji is awesome, my labrador Prince likes to sit by my side too! Xxxxc

  8. I wanted to say thank you for your yoga videos. They help me a lot, I do this particular one multiple time per week, and it's really helping with my neck and shoulders. I really appreciate what your are doing. Garry

  9. Thank you for this! My neck and back have been hurting a lot lately from a combination of stress and lots of desk work, and I've been intimidated by yoga for a long time. But your videos are great! I love that they give me the space I need to loosen up and feel what's going on in my body without it being a mistake. So thanks for providing that space! I'm looking forward to trying the 30 day challenge now 🙂

  10. Thanks, Adriene! I've got a severe neck and back pain.. And after 2 yoga videos with you, they're much much better, if not almost completely gone! 😀 btw, I love how Benji was actually aware of camera and kinda pretended to stay chill with his lazy pose. HAHA, he is cute!

  11. This is such a great sequence. I’ve watched it several times lately for a really sore neck. I already feel so much better and it’s at a nice pace so I could easily smoke my joint. I’m so mellow and soothed! Thanks Adriene, I love your videos and little jokes – I’ll definitely go to one of your classes when you’re next in the UK/Europe.

  12. I was fighting a terrible headache from pain in my right upper shoulder and leftside of the base of my skull! This really helped so much!!! Feeling much better and now I can enjoy the rest of Thanks Giving Day!

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