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This 30 min yoga practice is a special sequence for teachers. Thank you for all you do teachers! Also great for parents, caretakers and anyone who has an …



  1. YES. I do your yoga for the service industry video often after work, and it feels great, but here's one tailored specifically to me! Balancing the needs of many individuals is exhausting work that often leaves me feeling drained and in need of centering. Thank you!

  2. I am a first year teacher and have been following you for years. Good timing!! My only wish with all of your yoga videos is that you did 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minute savasana INSIDE of your videos. Do you really expect me to bust out a timer and go back to that place on my own after the video is over? Guide us in and out of it, give us 30 to 60 seconds of silent breathing at least, and then get us from corpse to fetal to seated and do our namaste together. yes? Show me how important it is by not cutting it out of your videos. No one "has" to boogie (honestly I feel anxious when you say that, it pulls me out of the meditation and into my world again), everyone can take 1 or 2 minutes to do the corpse pose the proper way. Love you!!!!!! Eternally grateful for these videos.

  3. Adriene, I love & appreciate your gentle nature, your humor 🙂 and your "knowingness." Thank you for all you do. I find myself waking early and welcoming you into my yoga room. Thanks to Benji too. 🙂 xo

  4. A wonderful gift, thank you. Showing myself love like this in the morning prepares me to be there for others throughout the day, and I feel that it allows me to be more welcoming, kind and thoughtful. Thank you for your guidance! x

  5. Hi Adriene, I want to thank you for thinking of us teachers. I have been teaching for eight years and one year ago I started using your video series for my yoga practice and I love it. I do know what you mean that, "we're all teachers," and I agree that we all have something to teach others, but that comment made me feel unappreciated, or at the least, misunderstood. We professional teachers study for years to be able to have this often times thankless job, and saying we are all teachers perpetuates the message that anyone can do a teacher's job. I know that's not what you meant, but I just felt the need to defend my profession, and my fellow teachers who work harder than we are given credit for. Again, I appreciate your services as a yoga teacher so much. You put your heart into these sessions and your videos have helped me destress/recharge at the end of so many tough days. They not only are a great workout but they make me laugh and feel human and help me process my emotions. It takes a special person to be able to connect with people in that way. Thank you for reading this and considering this point of view on behalf of all of us who teach for a living.

  6. Thank you. This 2nd grade teacher hasn't been practicing yoga since school started!!!! So glad to be back on track. From one teacher to another ~ you inspire me with your way of communicating that speaks to and recognizes our common threads. Namaste

  7. I love this so much…I'm a K-2 special education teacher and this was a good reminder to just take a second and not let the little things get to me, and take a moment not to be a "task master". Thanks Adrienne!

  8. After a few months of coming home exhausted from teaching, and feeling guilty for "slacking" on my yoga routine… I come back, find this perfect video, and feel so grateful for the way you always forgive yourself in your videos, modeling for the rest of us. Thank you for the teacher love!

  9. I started doing your videos over a year ago from a beginner and it urged me to join a yoga class at a yoga centre where I learnt to correct my postures as there were many that I was doing wrong but wasn't sure how, and it also pushed me to start CBT where I still go twice a month. I stopped going to the yoga classes a couple of months ago because I needed to cut down costs and I have been loving doing your videos again. Much more so now that I have more practise and can recognise when I need to correct my posture and breath. I'm a teacher and also have an anxiety and panic disorder and depression and this video in particular gave me a great feeling. You always make me smile. Sometimes I have to push myself to get to the mat but I never ever regret it and always feel better and more motivated. I've been trying to do so every morning even if just for 10 minutes and you and your videos have helped me so much. You're very calming even through a screen and constantly reminding us to take care of and be kind to ourselves. Thank you so much

  10. I am not a teacher, but I work at an after school program at an elementary school, and I am a full-time college student, but also on a journey to self-love. THANK YOU for all that you do, and all that you will continue to do Adriene. Your attention you give your viewers through your videos makes it feel like we are best friends, and you know exactly how to turn a bad day into a good day, like the best friends know how to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you, it means so much <3

  11. You are my favorite teacher ever! Every time it is just exactly what I needed! Will you ever do a yoga teacher training? I would love to learn and grow my teaching skills with you!

  12. Hi Adriene, I am an online teacher and I was very touched by this particular practice. I have discovered you a few months back right before having some light health problems but you have helped me get through them with so much fun and joy. It is funny how even through the internet it is possible to feel the love and tenderness you put in every lesson. This particular one got me teary eyed because of the warmth. Thank you for everything that you do, it is deeply appreciated.

  13. Hi Adriene! You rock! This evening I was feeling so drained because I haven't been putting myself first: my wants and needs. The stressors of everyday life, navigating the wedding process with just myself and my fiance with no help from anyone else, and lack of sleep were definitely taking their toll on my body, mind, and spirit. And then this yoga practice came along. I have to say that after this yoga practice, my heart, throat, and abdominal cavity have opened up and I actually felt warmth moving down my body, just like the warm bath that you mentioned at the beginning of your video. I can't tell you how thankful that I am for finding your channel. I would have to honestly say that your channel has saved my life more than once and continues to do so. Thank you Adriene and thank you Benji for making life so beautiful.

  14. I'm a high school teacher and a coach who often feels like a counselor and this was exactly what I needed the day after an all day tournament and the drama of high school. I will be doing this video often, thank you so much for caring for us teachers!

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