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Yoga For Weight Loss, Healthy Energy Flow guides you to the mat to cultivate the healthy flow of energy you need to explore your body and create a sustainable …



  1. Thank you so so very much Adriene! Thanks to your inspiration and wonderful teaching. I have committed to a regular, mostly daily home yoga practise for over two years and its thanks to you and your programmes. I have noticed a difference physically for sure (i was rocking the core today, something that i used to dread and hate but now do with a smile on my face!) but for me its been about connecting with my spirit and my breath (so this practise was spot on!) and how its carried off my mat into my consciousness, the way i treat others, deal with my emotions and being able to observe my actions and reactions on a daily basis. I thank you in my 'gratitude practise' i have at the end of every session in shavasana / meditation; you are in a star studded line up of the tools of yoga, the Universe and Spirit 😀 So so much love to you and gratitude, keep up the amazing work sis*star, you inspire so so many people. Arohanui (lots of love and community) from Aotearoa! (New Zealand) Please come visit here someday! I live in the paradise world of Wanaka and you would be a welcome guest anytime 🙂 xxx

  2. Adrienne thanks for having my back. You are a ⭐️yoga is my moving mindfulness that I need to practice to get all my excess pounds off. Love your videos that I watch on utube. Do post a link I would love to make you a donation. Don’t have the confidence or time or cash ? for any more classes. Gratefull thanks ? from Dublin Ireland on this frosty November Sunday morning.

  3. Thank you Adriene! I just love the fact that I'm working hard during your practices but I always still feel calm and happy thanks to your voice and sometimes funny goofy banter. I've never felt that way about exercise before. You are an inspirational teacher. Much love ❤️

  4. I love this because you feel so relaxed and have fun during the practice, but when you suddenly stop for a second, you feel your heart beating. Best kind of exercise and relaxation. ?

  5. Hey Adriene (or anyone who's reading this xD)
    I just love your videos, i feel like each time i choose to follow you, it's the best choice. I actually found myself enjoying yoga, and i wanted to know – sorry if i sound a lil classic and beginner but that's what i am at this point – from how many times a week can yoga be considered as an "enough" activity ? I know it sounds soooooooo so stupid to ask this question, but still wanted to. 🙂
    Thanks in advance for the ones who'll clear my mind <3
    (gonna do this RIGHT NOW)

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