Yoga For When You’re Angry

Yoga For When You Are Angry. It happens. Wires get crossed. You feel disrespected. Misunderstood. You get upset. TRY – Yoga For When You’re Angry!



  1. Seriously Adriene, I was feeling so pissed off coming to the mat this afternoon that I didn’t even think Yoga would help me (which is saying a lot!!) but laughing with you was completely magical! I laughed so hard & loved hearing you sweet laughter too! Thanks again ❤️

  2. Adrienne I must say that I'm super happy that you dared doing this little laughing session, I had no idea it was possible to laugh out loud like that in an authentic way but I just started and couldn't stop myself and it helped incredibly much! I was so freaking pissed off before I started the video, impressive how you managed to turn a mood from negative to positive in just 18 minutes! Thank you so much for all you're doing! You're really my favorite doctor!

  3. I spent the last four or five hours being extremely annoyed at basically everything and after laughing it out with you I feel a lot more at peace with the world. Thank you Adriene.

  4. I had a huge fight with a dear friend of mine last night and I'm more angry with myself then anything. I found this video this morning and after completing the practice I started to cry. I definitely needed this release and I'm grateful for this video and to you for making it! I still have a lot of work to do to repair the damage to our friendship, but I'm glad I started to repair the damage to myself. Thank you so much! Namaste!

  5. I wish I could have done the laughing part. When the time came all I could do was cry. But I loved this video. My supervisor has been so awful to me this last week, and yesterday was the worst. This did help me feel more balanced and acknowledged. Thank you Adriene. #ywarespect

  6. I actually got quite emotional during the laughing part. But it was so so healing <3
    The past weeks I've been quite angry; angry at others but most of all angry with myself. I also haven't been checking in, haven't been doing yoga. I decided to just try it out and do this yoga practice with you, and it has helped me find more peace. Surrender.
    I'm back, in FULL FORCE!
    Thank you so much Adriene, can't wait to practice with you again tomorrow.
    Namasté <3

  7. One of my favorites. I practiced mindful meditation before this session and didn't feel like I had let the anger go because I was still feeling it physically. This practice helped to let it go, especially the laughing. I remember taking an ujjayi breathing course and after an extended session, the participants either started laughing or crying uncontrollably (I laughed). It just happened, didn't will it to happen, and it was the most immense release/relief I have ever felt. This reminded me of that because once I started fake laughing the real laughter came and I felt that release. Thank you.

  8. I think the laughing part at the end was the best. For me anger is such an active feeling that I enjoy unraveling it through more physical postures than in this video. But I just looove that Adriene has yoga medicine for so many different situations and purposes.

  9. I was doing this after a bad day, and when I got to the laughing part, my laugh was fake until the very end when I heard my husband crack up in the other room because I sounded so silly. We proceeded to laugh together for a few minutes. Thanks for a good laugh!

  10. This is my biggest problem in LIFE and the most challenging roadblock to my practice. I get so wrapped up in trying to achieve that I forget failure is the biggest step in succeeding, success is a healthy state of mind, and a healthy state of mind starts with accepting that you will fail. A lot. Thanks Adrienne!!!!

  11. Thank you for all that you are doing, you are such a security and light in this crazy world. I´ve been doing yoga with you for almost a year now and you always leave me feeling better. I have changed to the better in many ways and I always long to come back to the mat. Thank you so much for that. I hope you get yummy stuff back in return for all the good you send out! An early Merry Christmas and namaste!

  12. I don't really think of myself as an angry person but this felt amazing, so clearly I needed a bit of this! I will be sure to favourite and repeat this one. Thanks Adriene, you're the light!

  13. Thanks, Adriene! I was way more angry than I realized and ended up sobbing instead of laughing, but I didn't realize I needed to cry until it came out, so thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Wow you're for sure the coolest yoga teacher ever! You manage to combine being funny and serious at the same time and that's really something i appreciate. The laughing part was hilarious, such an unused tool to release anger, but how powerful!! I actually started to cry at the same time, so it became like a double way to release bad feelings. Thank you!!!

  15. When you said we were going to laugh, I thought, "Uuuhhhhh WHAT" because I'm a pretty reserved person. Then I heard your ridiculous fake laugh and suddenly I was laughing so hard. It was completely unlike anything I've ever experienced in yoga, but my god, I needed it. Thank you so much for being the best yoga teacher, Adriene! Namaste.

  16. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!!!!! So, so limitless much for this! Half a year ago this was a life saver practice for me. And in a real life I got to shook out all bad persons from my life. Now living normal, happy life. Thank You, Adriane for your friendly and soothing voice and your relaxing and purifying practices <3 P.s. Also thank you for powerful and strenghtening yogas too 🙂

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